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  1. Tesla would turn in his grave if he saw the s#ite corporations are making in his name.
  2. When in neutral just rev the engine and watch the rev counter, Get to know the sound of the engine at the different RPM‘s for economical easy driving, keep the revs under 2000/2500, when over taking and the like rev her up till you hear the limiter kicking in lol. you up shift when you want to go faster, and don't want to push the revs any higher. you will know by watching the counter, and will very quickly get a feel for the engine. why wouldn't you use engine breaking cliffy?.
  3. I'm looking at 3/520d's but don't know much about them, So far I've came across these issues, Timing chane hoping off ''engine explodes'' Sucking in swirl flaps, Turbos failing, And auto boxes sealed for life, How would I know which ones have sealed boxes. keep in mind I'm looking at 2008 maybe 2009's Also where is the VIN on these cars, I don't want to buy a clone, people bring a lot of them from england to Ireland where i am, and theres huge penalties for importing a UK car. any help would be appreciated. Sean....
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    Hi guys, I'm posting a thread on buying a 320 or 520d 2008 if you could pop over and help me out, i dont want to get caught out with a clone or crashed one so any advice would be great.
  5. Hi guys, id like to pick your mids on a car purchase, Where I live the roads are very bad, Which car would be a better chose, I had an Audi before and the front linkage needed replacing almost every year, I put this down to being front heavy, and poor quality, Would a RWD BMW hold up better. ''I'm considering 2008 Audi 4/6's and bmws 520/320d, both touring. Also if you have any comments on over all reliability that would be great. any advice would be great.
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