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  1. I'm not sure what it looks like. We aren't very car savvy. Can you describe it? And thanks for the input.
  2. Is there a fuse or reset button, or relay switch or module I'm not aware of? There's definitely spark and it'll turn over with gas poured into tbi, but it won't stay running. I thought this meant the fuel pump, so we put in another one, but we can't hear that one either. We're stumped.
  3. I replaced the fuel pump, because I couldn't hear it running when I turn ignition on, and I still don't hear it with the new pump in. Also, I had just replaced the fuel pump a week before I ran out of gas. We put a new relay in too. No luck. Today we're going to clean the fuel filter and my friend is running out of ideas if that's not it. Anybody have any ideas what it might be? The car turns over. It will start for a second with gas poured in the tbi, but it seems to backfire a lot doing that and then we have a fire to put out.