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  1. Hello! I am making a car simulation and currently use Range Rover Sport S 2013 as the simulated car. However, there is a slight issue - I don't know what suspension does the car use. I have heard that in the front it has double wishbone suspension, but on the rear - live axle. However, I haven't confirmed this information. What I hope is that some of you could confirm or correct this info so that I could set up my simulation correctly. Also, if possible, I'd like to find out what are the default spring settings of the given car: stiffness (in N/m) damping (in N/(m/s)) rest length (in m) caster (in degrees) All of those numbers I need for front and rear seperately. Thank you!
  2. OK! At least give me some normal suspension parameters. Let it be any car. What's usual lenght of the spring What's usual springrate What's usual damper force ?
  3. Hello! I am looking for a way to calculate slip ratio(as a floating point value(0.00 - 1.00)). Can you tell me the equation? Thanks!
  4. Hello! I am making a racing game and now I am interested in few parameters of a specific car - BMW Z4 M Coupe. I am using it for testing my physics wrapper and now I need to get few parameters. 1. I need the normal weight distribution of that car between rear and front. This value is needed in %. 2. I need stock suspension parameters of this car: spring force and damper force. My suspension model doesn't take in any other values assuming that it is not damaged;) If anybody can get those parameters for me, I'd be really happy:)
  5. I am working on custom vehicle physics wrapper for games. As a test subject I've taken Koenigsegg CCX. I am comparing my wrapper's results to real-life ones. I've run at 2 problems. One of them is suspension forces and second one is height of CG. I am using Bullet physics for my game, but I have created custom gravity setup to simulate downforce and weight transfer. For suspension I use basic PID(proportional-integral-derative) controller. So my questions are: What is spring rate and damper strength of stock suspension of Koenigsegg CCX? Best would be answer in kN. How high is CCX's centre of gravity from it's wheelbase? Best would be answer in cm or m. Thank you for your advices!
  6. Err.... I can't hate those advertisers. Why have they found my thread for their advertisments? How they dare it???
  7. OK! But, assuming I've got a 0.05 rolling value, how much would it remove? And, if my car has 0.64 CaD(Coefficient of area * drag), how much would it add to it?
  8. I feel like the one above is advertisment. It doesn't sound good at all...
  9. Well, if you say so, it really does when I look into deapely. The rear especially. Only exception - the car I own is not such rounded. I may choose a midway between supra and 350z. Maybe use 350z aerodynamics and supra engine? Because the supra engine and 4-gear automatic transmission acts well in my game. On startup the acceleration is low, but when RPM raises, it is huge. Plus I can acheive 300 km/h and it takes pretty short moment:) However, I need info about rear wing that the car has for now. 1st: How much does it affect air drag coefficient. Does it increase the number(make drag affect car more) or decrease it and how much(approx) does it change it? 2nd: How much the wing may weight(in kgs)? 3rd: How much does the wing prevent car from rolling? Assuming that roll factor is a number where the less it is, the less car rolls and at 0.05 roll factor it behaves like this: Thanks for advice in those questions:)
  10. Thank you Chris. Yeah, the wing(aswell as body kits and so on) will be calculated in weight, drag and other stuff like that. Thanks for answe, I will assume that it is something similar to supra. I may also edit the shape a bit...
  11. Hi! This is a custom car model. This car doesn't exsist in real life. Here I couldn't add sketchfab model preview, appearently theese forums doesn't support BB code. So I just place a link: https://skfb.ly/HUUx However, to make it feel natural when driving, I need this car's equalient coefficient of drag aswell as frontal area. To find out the most suiting Cd, I need to know which car does this remind the most in it's shape? Exact model, exact manufacturer. The more accurate the shape matches, the better. I don't know much cars, how they look and so on, but I hope that somebody can recognize a car when looking at this. I mean a real existing car. Thanks for help!
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