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  1. how bout that new viper ?? whew, bad ***. i think dodge finally made the viper worth the money.
  2. which of these do you think is a better car for the money?
  3. that's just an oppinion, the battle between gm and ford goes way past camaros and mustangs, id take a ford truck over any chevy truck any day of the week. the f250 super duty is the ****. not just pick ups either, id rather have an expo than a tahoe or a suburban. they are just ugly to me. the svt focus clowns all over the z24 cavalier. The avalanche is a big ugly truck covered in unpainted plastic. now the cadillac version of it is money though, im likin it a lot more. but i've always liked almost any for over any chevy. the camaro may be faster, and a bit faster at that, not much. but there is more to a car than how fast it does the 1/4 in.
  4. the cobra does keep up the zo6 vette. maybe not as fast around the track but would win in a 1/4 mile. and the 20 thousand dollars less it cost is a huge difference.
  5. i went into the ford dealership yesterday and i was damn suprised, SVT has a great line of vehicles. The SVT Focus, the lightning, and the new cobra, they are all sweet. I really wish they made another contour.
  6. i think gm really needs to pick it up to be honest with you, in my eyes all they have is the ZO6 vette.
  7. i read somewhere that they were testing it and one driver pulled a 12.3? out of it. everywhere else i hear 12.5 to 12.7 never over 13 though. i love the new cobra, looks mean, sounds mean, and is mean.
  8. I'd love for ford to make another SVT Contour, but this time with more aftermarket support, also ford could use a car with a stock turbo on it, perhaps bringing the focus rs over from europe. GM i think needs to bring back the camaro already, they totally left the market on a reasonably priced rwd v8 to ford. especially with the new cobra out. Mopar i dont know about, a cuda would be nice to see. I would also try to make the cars look a little more different from each other.
  9. heres a little more proof for you guys, go pick up the july 2000 issue of import tuner magazine. they got an r34 vspec and tuned it, stock dynoed at 244 at the wheels. 294 with apexi intake and veilside exhaust and 310 with octane booster.
  10. the r32 is rwd i always thought. and you cant make a drivetrain awd to rwd by pulling a fuse, its not 4x4. and i think i did prove the r34 had 276 by showing it on numerous websites. and id like to see a list of the turbo porsches a stock gtr would beat. 13.7 is what a stock gtr pulls, and if it did make 350 (rwhp ) then i would hope it pulls a way hell of a better time than a 13.7. now i have supported my arguement, wheres your support? you keep saying the same thing over and over again. thats real strong. and kiwi, how am i trying to be a smart ***? show me one line i said that was out of line and that would qualify me as a smart ***? where are the good old guys like blig and them that could have an good convo without acting like a kid. and i imagine the godzilla is an tuned gtr. and i never said that the gtr couldnt be tuned to be fast as hell, so please dont think that to be a relevant point. i love the gtr, so dont think im trying to be bias on it.
  11. buddy, r34 is awd, you cant have 290 rwhp in an all wheel drive vehicle.
  12. bud the owner himself is saying he has 280. which might be a little off still. here, look as road and track tested, the R33 made 276 and pulled a 14.0 the r34 makes 277 and pulls a 13.7. show me some believable #s http://www.newmediadogs.com/html/skylineGTR.htm
  13. no,277 crank,awd dynoes are nearly unheard of. i need to see ur specs in writing to believe it. and 350 crank hp better be pulling better than a 13.
  14. there is no way a stock R34 is going to dyno at 350 hp.
  15. hey buddy, they are detuned to be legal in the us. you tell me that they dyno at 350, look at the specs on the ones they are selling, 277 bhp. obviously we arent thinking along they same lines.
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