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  1. sorry im new to the forum so i dont know if you get notified of my reply above^^^
  2. thank you alot! What do you mean by instinct? Like the feel and noise of the car/engine? Also if you are trying to get a quick start of a light, stop sign, etc. can you shift from 1st to 3rd to increase speed or is that bad for the engine?
  3. Hi I am a relatively new driver, i work at a car shop and everyone drives manuals, saying how they are more economical, fun, and overall a better experience. I want to learn manual but its hard to when people are reluctant to handing over their car to a beginner. One of my biggest concerns is knowing when to up-shift and down-shift, often times people say "listen to your engine" but i don't know what that means. I am looking into getting a 08' Scion tC as my first manual car, would that be a good car (Even if its front wheel drive) ?
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