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  1. It's a 1996 olds 88. No these pics are on front end. The top 2 are from drivers side and the bottom one is from passenger side. Same exact part only passenger side has everything there. Just different angle I guess. The picture where u circled has a black ring where the bottom of circle is. That ring (whatever it is) is broken in 2 as well.
  2. So lately our car has been making a loud popping when turning right as well as when stopping fast. I have been telling my boyfriend for months now that something is wrong with the car. He shrugs it off cuz I'm a chick and don't know what I am talking about. He doesn't act as if it's anything major although I feel differently. I have taken pictures and would like if someone could help me identify a few things. The first 2 images are from drivers side underneath car by tire. Something is clearly missing. Assume it's som kind of mount? What is supposed to be there? Passenger side is 3rd pic and it has something mounted to it. Does anyone know what part this is, what is missing, and possibly even what may have caused this? Also the one on drivers side appears to me as tho it hangs lower to ground. I say this because I always noticed before even getting pics. Don't notice anything hanging low on other side. Please help.
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