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  1. I just saw a 99 Prowler for 32k with about 10k miles.
  2. The 330ci with the sport package is a really outstanding car, it has a nice exhaust sound too. All the coupes are really greating looking, its the 4 door 3s that are boring and bland.
  3. You're comparing a muscle car to a hotrod, most custom built hotrods will run you more than a prowler if someone else builds them for you. I'll take the viper because I think it looks better and know it outperforms the prowler in everyway. I do agree though that the Prowler doesn't give you your money's worth.
  4. Incase you guys didn't notice it is Automobile's rendering of what they think or would like the new NSX to look like. BTW don't get the issue, it was really weak.
  5. I've driven the E46 M3 in Laguna Seca Blue, the color is totally different in person and does not look great in the sunlight. The car is amazingly fast, I drove it upto around 120, the salesman who is nuts topped out the speedo, the car felt as if it were glued to the road, the clutch felt feather light to me but others who've driven it said they don't find it lighter than normal. I love the wheels and hood bulge. The convertible is really cool looking IMO but ofcourse I would take the coupe as any real driver would.
  6. He really should drive a British car and I think the ideal one would be a 1996 Aston Martin V8 Coupe, much better looking than the new DB7s IMHO. If it weren't a British car, the M5 would be perfect as its a classy understated rocket or a wolf in sheep's clothing.
  7. Yeah that little compressor for 175k with a 0-60 of 4.8seconds was a great car and worth every penny.
  8. The new M Roadster will have 315HP not the 333hp some expected it to have, BMW couldn't fit the right exhaust system in for the same HP as the M3. On the subject of the Z8, another reason it gets killed is with all the flex its going to feel with a chop top, I know they tried to make the body extra rigid but you can only do so much without a top. It is a totally different car then a 911 Turbo, the car is still incredibly fast.
  9. Were you speaking to me? Ofcourse I've heard of brabus, they stick oversized engines in Mercs and the cars are barely faster but cost 125k more. If you look at my statement I say why people wouldn't customize a Bentley or Rolls, not that people shouldn't customize a 7 or an S.
  10. I would take the GT2 in a heart beat, I think its' agressive looks are amazing and performance wise it will destroy the 360. The 360 is not my cup tea of looks wise. Factoring in price, performance, personal opinion on looks I can only go with the GT2.
  11. The Z3 isn't a handling match for the others? You're kidding right? The Z3 3.0 is faster than both the S2000 and the Boxster. The old M Roadster is a lot faster than either car, the new M Roadster will have 330HP and will simply demolish both the Porsche and Honda. Boxsters are the biggest ripoff made for people trying to look like they can afford a real Porsche. The S2000 is fine if you don't mind being the slowest of the bunch but it is a good deal and I'd take it over a boxster for the price anyday.
  12. Thanks Lotus. Great looking car, the VW is pretty nice too. The front is awesome, good find.
  13. It said forbidden on all the links, I could see anything.
  14. You can personalize any car, it just depends if you think it will better the car, rolls and bentley are what you might aim for when customizing, that's why most people wouldn't change them.
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