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  1. Hi, thanks for replying. This is around the right the size car I don't want a larger car as I don't need one, I would just be increasing my insurance and fuel bills. Do you think a car that has done 96000 miles would need any major mechanical work? It says it has an MOT so there should be nothing seriously wrong? Or would I be wrong assuming that?
  2. Firstly I'm sorry if this is the wrong topic. I'm looking to buy a car for £1000, only to last a year or two. I was looking at this car http://www.hmcarsales.co.uk/used-cars/volkswagen-polo-1-2-e-5dr-peterbrough-201507265519751I'm posting in this topic because I was wondering how much maintaince do you think a car of this age would cost? Due to it having done 96000 miles. Would you consider that to be too many miles. It says it has a full service record with it.
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