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  1. Wow, some of the old guys are still here Even an F-350 crew member
  2. Well yeah, there are really fast Civic's with ugly body kits too.... I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the factory Camaro kit is downright ugly IMO, and ruins the nice lines of the car. Anyone else agree with me on this or am I the only one?
  3. My fear is that my car will be too low rather than still too high, because I have the ATTS thingy and you can't lower that too much. The tokico's I've seen are called "Premium Performance" and they are a blue colour. Are those the same as Tokico HPs?
  4. The Camaro SS is a gorgeous car, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease don't ruin it with that ugly as$ kit.......
  5. Yeah I've just been reading up on the standard tokico's and they seem to have a durability problem with a lot of people. Lots of leaking fluid. I might try the Ilumina's since they don't seem to have the bad reliablity problem but I won't get the Koni's, simply because you can adjust the stiffness on the Tokico's to 5 preset settings with a screwdriver. There seems to be some margin for error in the Koni's, u could accidently have one side a little softer than the other..
  6. This cylinder shutting off thing is in the new S600 and it works flawlessly on that. Apparently new GM trucks will also be equiped with such a feature.
  7. I've been thinking about getting a Tokico suspension kit for my Prelude which is a set of Tokico springs and Tokicos non adjustable springs for $400. Would that be good or should I get springs from someone else? I didn't want adjustable...when I was shopping for a Prelude one of the cars had Koni Yellows and he showed me how to adjust it and seemed like a major pain when I would rather have a decently stiff setting all the time. Would that be good or should I get springs from someone else?
  8. I have an aching desire to own a Ferrari 288 GTO. Aww man, I want one so bad...
  9. I pity the fool that laughs at a VW Scirroco. Nice tires gimp, I really need a new set of tires for my Prelude the stock Bridgestone RE92s are utterly pathetic. What do u guys suggest other than the Yokahamma's?
  10. Technically thats not correct, you buy and fit an aftermarket part elsewhere, and if you come back later with a warranty problem the whole waranty is not void. For example if you get your car lowered a bit then sometime later the car has massive engine problems, they can't blame it on your outside bought and installed suspension.
  11. Well not a true "convertible" but at least a soft top.
  12. So your basically asking what our fav cab. is? Well I would go with the Ferrari 360 Spider. But honourable mentions go to the BMW M3, Viper RT/10, Miata, MR2 Spider, BMW M Roadster, Porsche Boxter S....
  13. No, neither could other Aston Martin's but I would nontheless feel special driving any regular DB5.
  14. It was a 750iL and I agree with you in that it doesn't suit him, but I'm glad they did it...cause now I can say we own a Bond car:D
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