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  1. I'm going to have to agree with the MKIV posts period. It's faster than the competition at that day and for the money. TONS more reliable than any american hopeful could try to be. Looks great and again, not every frat boy, mid-life crisis having guy is in one. Every where you go, there's some one in a stock F-body poking around. Don't see to many MKIV's... besides it can hold 3 people comfortably and doesn't have all the wasted space styling of the competition You can barely get 2 persons worth of luggage in other sports cars! Mods for MKIV's in the 4-500hp range are cheap and easy in comparison of the competition. MKIV all the way!
  2. Heh, I HAD to post that, I knew who it was... Chris V. I just wanted to see just how destructive he would get, knowing that I posted it. I still don't like the miata, it's a "sports" car, but all in all, it was worth seeing the flame of a reply hehe...
  3. I Agree... As of about 4 hours ago I was at one the LARGEST "pimping/baller" events in this counrty: Every year Ohio-State University has it's "african american heritage festival," aka "block Party," where an AVERAGE of between 30-40000 out of state people show up with rides they have worked on, for or rented (haha posers) just for the 3 day occassion. These are no ordinary "pimp" rides like back in the day. I'm talking everything from old 64 Impala's wit "dro's" to 01 Escalades and a few Lambo's etc... These are the NEW age of players formally known as "pimps." Where back in the day, tons people people had oldschool big bodied caddys, impalas and what not. Now a days the game and name has changed. Pimp has now evolved to "baller:" Some one that has the financial means to live a life of exclusive leisure if they so please, with much ease. 01 Escalades, Hummers, Expeditions, Navigators, 7's, 500's, RR's with 20-23" rims are quite a commonality among people in that status range. Old caddies, while nice to look at and remember "the days," HARDLY even got a look this weekend. If you're not rolling 20" or plus, you're just NOT meeting the standard "baller" code. 18"s... Old news as far as the new scene goes. "Candy Paint" jobs with vivid colors, as much as 10-20 clear coats, custom multi-color changing paint jobs etc... ALL the flare and gleem of the past, but with the new affluency standards applied. Most of these folks are in the upper echelon of the money earners and $60000 SUV's with $10000 rims, $5000 paint jobs and Stereos that rival the movie theatres ARE the standard. I know I'm way off the context of the topic, but whatt h3ll?! PS- And I can remember a time when 18"s were considered "pan cake" rims, so don't knock the hustle... Conservative Hater. As of then, Give me an old Caddy with them 100 Spokes on `em... Or a 69 Lincon COntinental-Suicide style! For today... While I don't like SUV's at all, there's something about a jet black Escalade (DVD edition) on 23"s with 108 spokes that makes me say UUUUUUUGH!!!:cool:
  4. Man you sure got that right guy! POSER chick ride all the way... And I remember someone trying to say that TR7's, SunBeams etc... are slow but still considered sports cars, as in reference to the dismal preformace of the miata in regards to the all the appraise and "sports car" nonsense attached to it... Hate to tell whoever it was, but Hey MORON! Those cars WERE FAST back in their day... Overzealous, middle age, wanna-be mid-life crisis, blow yer loot on a bug sized poser candy car! Have a nice day
  5. Well, after a nice long vaction from here... time to get into the thick of it... Now I heard someone boasting about Truck and Diesels... Hate to tell ya buddy, But Mitsubishi, Nissan, Isuzu, Komatsu, Yanmar, Guangzhou; I could go on and on... The list of japanese diesel and Gas Truck engines goes on and on and they FAR surpass just about any American made truck engine. Higher quality control standards, and more efficent factory production is nothing uncommon in Jap auto industry. If most of the world had a days glimpse of how corrupt and inefficent most plants (Big 3 etc...) are in the USA they'd be shocked! I've worked for 2 of the big 3 automakers directly on the "line" and in other depts in the mile long(er) plants... what goes on there is HORRIBLE. Corrupt management, lots (not all!) of uncaring workers, dropping parts and just picking them up and putting them back on the line regardless of the damage... so that the dept Formen don't bitch about low daily production #'s etc... Don't be so naive. Until you've actually been there or seen whats going on, you don't know what you're talking about. Of course ANY car that is WELL maintained will last on and on above 100K. But let them cars go mildly maintained and watch USA fall apart. I've seen my share of beater jap rides, but nothing is as tacky as the old beater Grand ams, berettas with the classic poser exhaust "gurggle?" I guess that's what they are trying to give the sound of? Hell I'd rather they not make any noise so no 1 would know I'm coming! More cheap plastic... than beer cups you USED to able see at the FORMER "Worlds greatest specticle in racing," 1million fans in attendance strong, INDY500 (What a shame it's dead!) I hate it what most people over look all of these makers and just assume that Japanese engines have to be small and that larger engines are not in existance. And for luxury... there isn't a single american engine maker that can compete with the qualitative history of the LEXUS V8. Oldsmobile, Ford, Mustang, Chevy, Dodge, etc....NOT. And just for kicks I'd rather have a smoother running, naturally balanced Inline 6 than an american V8. (Cept Corvettes, I forgot about them! hehe, sue me!) Welp, flak will now come... time to take anothe AWOL. PEACE (Kepone I KNOW you're going to respond!)
  6. --- A statement that had no ending to it as to deviate to a point... YOU sir, (out of assumption) made a point. I just sarcastically said "Push Rods...HighTech...Certified." I made no claims as to if they were or not in my opinion. By the way: Just because you jump the gun in a race and win it, doesn't mean you weren't Disqualified from the start... Try practicing a little "Savoir Faire" and be more tactful in these situations.
  7. "P.U.V" Posing Utility Vehicle... which all of them, cept the rover, are included... All these damn yuppies buying up these shined up dump trucks so they can have a false sense of safety and an even GREATER false sense of domination of everyone else on the road. Hardly nobody takes their precious +$30,000 hyped up station wagon over anything more dangerous than some loose gravel driveways or the occassion soccer field... What a waste of money, GAS! Ozone layer and most of all american ideals. The mighty Rover is the only proven "SUV" out of the bunch, for decades over.
  8. They both don't really do anything for me, but the 924 is just butt ugly to me! And with the poser Audi engine... I'm not sold at all... least the ferrari is still, well a ferrari? Heh... Now if it was a 944 Turbo S aka 951 I'd take it hands down!
  9. Remeber where you're at guy... PRO-U.S.A forum... anything you say whether of factual/Non or common sense terms will be taken as the okay to hammer you. And to compare a ford block to a Benz block is ridiculous. And to compare, say, even the tuners; Saleen to AMG GmbH is outright uncomprehensible... PushRods... "High-Tech" stuff... Certified.
  10. Personally, NOTHING emits style like a Jag... Man the heads just turn and turn when you pull up in the Alpine White XJR... Every old foggie has a wide bodied Benz, All the yuppies and wannabe's are driving BM's (except for elite 7's) The Jag just stands out in my book... Even though it lacks the gobs of creature nick-nacks like the competition, none the less it's a smooth, fast and stunning ride and thanks to ford for finally getting some reliable electronics! The former Jags were electronic time-bombs waiting to happen! Hey... if he's got some good mechanic contacts, I'd look into and Older Maserati Vantage or Lotus Carlton! If he hunts, he could get a rare 500E "Hammer."
  11. Hrmm Normally I'd say I'd take the M5 hands down... but after seeing an old early 90's Alpine White M3, a block away an identical M5... I just bowed my head in shame of the new and IMO LAME "sleeper" M5... I just don't like the Luxo-box styling... It's NOT the "M5" that I've grown up loving cause it was "M" not "540i+a few" I know it's not that simple, but for the cost of a 540i and the rest to throw to mod... the M5 would be toast... Considering most dealers are raping everyone with Mid $80K's stickers some even 90s!!! I'm going with the E55 in civil protest! haha! AMG AMG AMG PS- Anyone remember the Mighty 500E and 600 "Hammer?!" UNF
  12. I really don't like the headlights of the WRX, and I should have COME with the ground effects and some nice 18"s.... Aside from that, FWD is definitly do NOT like. Too much Torque steer from the cars I've driven and draggin all that dead weight in the back just pisses me off AWD, so nice, so right, so AWD. Aside from the minor costs, the WRX has SO much mod potential and creature comforts, where as the Type-R is about maxed out, besides... too many posers around with same body kit and fake stickers to be unique around here... Besides, knowing a friend that has one and hearing about someone asking if it was a Civic with a new body kit just made me lol and bow in shame... HAHA! "Civic Type-R"
  13. Wow... take a break from here, come back and see the same classic responses... Zonda. Nothing like the creamy smooth purring of a V12
  14. Okay, I've figured out that Chris V. has it out for me and my "Teenage" ideals and opinions... But the fact that I was pointing out what that I personally do NOT like the idea of people slapping on all these "wanna-be" Racing stripes and false scoops and Vtec insignias POSING like they have big power, nuts, testosterone (WTF ever you want to call it). I never wanted to come off saying I didn't like an economical car that is better for the environment and the planet as a whole. Okay? Imposter ideology and behavior is what I was getting at by pointing out the lamer kid with "Vtec, Viper Hennessy-Venom 500" stickers and 25" ground scraping rims with Hydrolics and **** that THINKS all that misc junk is going to make his "ride" any faster or better handling... and the fact that he now THINKS he's big time cause his car looks the part, when in fact he could have saved all that show`n-Glow money and gotten a REAL performance ride that he CAN smoke people with, instead of a quicky left lane pass on the Highway while I've got my cruise control on in the XJR, all the while he's thinking to himself that them stickers and racing stripes REALLY helped him "OWN" me and other "lamers" in HIS way. Okay is that enough rational for your "logic?" Have a nice day at the track. pEACE and hair grease! BTW- Happy EASTER weekend... meet me at the Argesy $$$Casino$$$ in KY!
  15. You have to be kidding me? The Miata a "true sports car?" WIth WHAT preformance? THe poser exhaust addons, the lame stearing response and lets NOT forget about the race winning LOW end torque! Heh, an MR2 Turbo would even spank the miatas confused and hotheaded older brother in law: Can we say S2000? lol What a joke, Miata... I'd like to see anyone try and tell that line to some vette, WS6, Supra, owners about "true sports cars!" lol You'd get about as much respect when you rolled up as the time it took to laugh you on your way back to the dealer...
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