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  1. Hi everyone. Just a little curious really to know what your favourite cars are. I only have one favourite to be honest. My favourite car EVER is a car that is becoming a classic and pretty rare - the Vauxhall Senator!! That's my favourite car of all time without a doubt. My favourite version of the Vauxhall Senator is the 3.0i 24v 1992 Vauxhall Senator, it's quick has a luxury interior and when its running you can't even hear the engine. My dad owns one (Attahced to this thread!) as well and he's said that it's the most comfortable and quickest car he's ever driven! He loves it and I've got to admit so do I, it is just a really great car that looks beautiful on both the inside and also the outside. They certainly don't make Vauxhall's like the Senator anymore... So, what are your favourite cars? Are you more in to modern or classic?
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