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  1. I would rather be in Cancun!

  2. We are the premier car dealership for buying rebuilt cars that have suffered minor flood damage and export, ship and buy worldwide from Miami, FL, USA. Our selection is ready to ship, Our cars are 10-20% sticker price!! We get customers from Nigeria, Suriname, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, that keep coming back for more:) Here is just a sample of our awesome, cheap, and ready to ship cars to south america! We ship cars to Guatemala from USA We ship cars to Mexico from USA We ship cars to Bolivia from USA We ship cars to Colombia from USA We export cars from USA to Costa Rica We import cars to Cayman Islands from Miami,FL USA For my Spanish Speaking Fellas!: Enviamos coches a Guatemala desde EE.UU. Enviamos coches a México desde EE.UU. Enviamos coches a Bolivia desde EE.UU. Enviamos coches a Colombia desde EE.UU. Exportamos autos de EE.UU. a Costa Rica Somos importadores de coches a Islas Caimán desde Miami , FL EE.UU. NOT KIDDING WHEN WE SAY BEST PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY!
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