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  1. I've been looking into the rx8 for a while now and I've seen on many forums that you have to care for the engine properly so that it doesn't get damaged. So what are the steps to take care of your engine to keep it healthy?
  2. I'm buying my first car soon and I've been looking at different cars that were in the price range of $5,000 or less. Now I'm looking for other people's opinions for which cars, used of course, are trustworthy cars and fast too but still look nice. I've looked at many cars so far and I've been checking the years too so that I can check which years are bad and have many problems and which years are better so that's still an important factor. Thank you to all!
  3. You could always go for a used Corvette, they're considered to be cheap but powerful.
  4. I'm not sure but it looks like it could possibly be a pontiac sunfire. Has a brake light on the spoiler just like the car in the video. Though it is hard to see due to the video being shot during night time, the shape of the car is also similar.
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