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  1. I can park my car in the garage, go straight inside my home and know for sure robo-dick charged my car. Sweet. http://driverlols.com/teslas-new-charger-prototype/
  2. I am the Viper! I vant to vash and vipe your windows! http://driverlols.com/winshield-viper/
  3. Look at this racing Porsche, one accidentally hit a deer. http://driverlols.com/porsche-hits-dear-on-racetrack/
  4. I prefer the imagnet.... frees up your vent and cd player... sleeker too.
  5. Keep moving forward!

  6. Great example on why you should never use a small car to pull a trailer...
  7. As much as I love animals, I am not going to risk my life or the lives of my passengers for them.
  8. Tire falls off a truck and takes a guy out... Question is, what was the guy doing there in the first place???
  9. I've recently bought a new car phone holder called imagnet (which I really like) from here and it got me thinking what the other members here are using. Also, do you mount it on the dash, the glass, the cd slot, the air conditioning grill or anywhere else?
  10. You can adjust your amps gain so I'm sure it will be alright.
  11. I'm not an expert but yeah, it looks like it's going to work. Hey guys... we need some help here!
  12. I'd have to say the kickers. Seems they have the better box compared to the others (port-wise).
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