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  1. The info I have is from the workshop, and it is very limited. They only say there are some scratches and that they have taken a picture of them. Not much, I know. I guess I should ask them to send it.
  2. Hi guys! I am new to this forum and hope someone here can help me with this problem. I am not from an english-speaking country, so I have to use a lot of google translate Guess it will look a little stupid, but hope you understand what I mean I got done extensive work on a 5 cylinder, 2.5l TDI engine partly due to leakage of two nozzles. Nozzles gnawed on cylinder head. Much diesel in the oil. The car ran without oilpressure. They grinded off som degrees in the (I cant find a good translation for this) "nozzle-seats" , changed gasket sets on the nozzles, changed tandem pump, cleaned the cooling channels and the screw holes, sanded block and mounted a new header seal, installed new top and fitted into nozzles with new gasket sets. Immediately after I found that I got unusually large oil consumption during long driving. I do not drive long distances very often, so I had to do that some time before I confirmed for myself that this was abnormal. It came very much white smoke at start / cold start. The workshop checked. Found scratches in a cylinderwall using endoscopy. Have unfortunately no pictures. So, to my question: - How can scratches occur in a cylinder? Could there be many reasons, or are there a limited amount of reasons? - Could it be that something has happened while the engine was worked on that have led to this? Or as they say; I somehow must have inflicted this on the cylinder.... well... ok Appreciate any feedback
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