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  1. The Climate Control is working well. The temperature outside is raising up . The repair was made on time. I will be glad if my experience helps somebody
  2. ok! I’ve been there (Module Repair Pro. Van Nuys) . Spent only couple hours. The repair was done very quickly. Everything seems to be in good working condition. Good Job! Hope this information will be useful for someone
  3. Actually it is very common among 4Runners 3rd Gen. I checked internet. http://www.ebay.com/itm/99-00-01-02-Toyota-4Runner-AC-Heater-Climate-Temperature-Control-Automatic-EATC-/330838407559?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Year%3A2002%7CMake%3AToyota%7CModel%3A4Runner&hash=item4d07817987&vxp=mtr http://www.shop.modulerepairpro.com/Repair-Service-To-Your-Control-Toyota-4Runner-Ltd-2002-EATC-MRP-R-TO4R-02-EATC.htm Looks good and top rated. Reasonable price.
  4. I changed it couple month ago. My mechanic told that Climate control broke and I need to go to the dealer or special repair service(((
  5. TOYOTA 4Runner 2002. Have an annoying problem with climate control. Control working intermittently,. Cannot control desire temperature. I read there are very common symptoms for all 1999-2002 Toyota 4Runner LE. I hope someone has experience of repair. Will be very appreciate for your good advice
  6. Caligirl! from SoCA
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