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  1. Nope the frame damage was definitely from before. We are hoping just to get our money back and have the car deal reversed. We really aren't rich so the lawsuit and the car payments on the car that we can't drive is killing us right now but we can't stop paying because then we are in a hurt bag. Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks! We are currently in a lawsuit with the dealer who sold us the car (did not tell us it was in an accident and it isn't noticeable). The frame spec sheet says its out of spec at the radiator support (have no idea what that means) Anyways we are trying to get them to take the car back but they are trying to give us the option to fix it instead so I figured I would get opinions.
  3. Our 2010 Nissan Maxima SV had a front end collision. Had it put on a frame machine to be measured. It is out of spec in the front end only. Spec is 3 on both driver and passenger side. Our car measured 7 on the passenger side and 4 on the driver. All other places measured were within spec. The car drives nice and smooth. Is it safe to drive? Expensive to fix? Any help would be great. I love this car. Thanks
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