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    GET READY !!!! The boss is back !!!!

    O yes I made a great MISTAKE. Vill will NOT be driving for REANAULT. I´M SORRY !!!!
  2. In 2002 we will have again the giant french Renault ready to kick the ass to Macas and Ferrs. I´m sure the brand new superb Renault V10 and Vill in the wheel will destroy the dominance of these teams in last years. Don´t they ????
  3. What is the pole position for indy cars in Laguna Seca track this year ??? Thanks !!!

    Super but illegel F1 car

    Slick tyres, Active Suspension, Improved Ground Effect, Traction Control, ABS, Turbo Engines (over 1200 hp), Mobile wings for straights,........ very dangerous, but what cars !!! It would be fun !!!!

    WARM LAP = RACE LAP ?!?!?!?!?!?!!

    Yes, yes. When I watched the recording of the race, I timed the WARM LAP of the F-1 supercars.... Result: 2min 8 segs for Schummi´s Ferrari F1-2000 Last year the POLE POSITION for the 500cc GGPP bikes´race was something like 2min 5segs... for the same circuit. ...... There´s an awesome hole in performance between F1 supercars and two-wheel TOP MACHINERY... anyway .... Bye.
  6. Many times we compare machines by the specs,... now let´s compare by its looking: Wich is the sexiest and ugglyest machine you can found out there ?? Here is my opinion: SEXYEST: Ferrari F360 MODENA UGGLYEST: Suzuki GSX-R1300 HAYABUSA Bye,bye !!!!!
  7. What do you think about this baby: The modified Ferrari F360 Modena very civilized became a road monster in Koenig´s hands: Twing Garret T04 Turbos ... 600 hp 0-60 mph: 3,4 segs Top Speed: 210 mph Brakes: Similar to GT competition brakes... Improved aeropackage (the stock one was awesome thought!!!) This number are better than the stock F50 and with HALF THE PRIZE of F50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YES !!! I´M in LOVE WITH THIS BABY.... FERRARI KOENIG KS360 MODENA

    ALMS @ Laguna Seca

    HEY !!!! Wich is the lap time of those supercars in Laguna Seca ??? Qualify time please. Thank You...
  9. Does anybody know how much time need this monster to run 1/4 mille , ... and 1 kilometer?? Where can I found these variables? . Thanx to anybody.

    UUUOUUUUUU That´s acceleration .......

    Yes, yes Burnout, 0-200 km/h in no much more than 4 seconds. The 0-260 km/h failed a good time because of Schummi´s maneuver that made Mika turn right, but yeah, that was a rocket comet. And about F1 engine power, top teams (FERR and MAC) are around 860 hp for qualification and 830-840 in race configuration. The BMW engine is very powerful and is near the power output of FERR and MAC, but on the other hand, seems to be heavier and larger than these, so the cooling system is big and heavy, so is less competitive,.... but still a good one. Bye !!!
  11. Did you see Mika´s start in Suzuka ... I believed I was seeing the Atlantis launching to Mars. Telemetri revealed he reached near 120 mph in around 4 secs. Yes,... yes I know people say TRACTION CONTROL .... yes. But that´s ACCELERATION POWER. Nothing more ...