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  1. Manual makes you feel like you are a much larger part of the driving experience. I would go with that.
  2. Great idea for a website! The one with the wooden wing takes the biscuit! https://www.keithmichaels.co.uk/news/5-mods-wont-increase-speed/
  3. Sounds like they're screwing you over on this mate. A dealer will try and make up a load of crap to avoid you exerting your rights. "During the first six months after purchase it's the responsibility of the seller to prove the fault wasn't there, not for you to prove that it was. " If they don't play ball you can take the case to the ombudsman. A couple of helpful links from which. http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/the-second-hand--car-i-bought-has-a-problem-what-are-my-rights http://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/when-to-take-a-complaint-to-the-ombudsman
  4. Alex it was probably a 918. It happened to me the other day, bloody thing drove off before I could take a picture.
  5. Hi all, I've got an F80 M4 on order and am already considering what to do to it when it gets delivered. I've found this company through Google: http://www.mulgari.com/bmw-m3-m4-tuningand spoke to them the other day. They seem to know what they're doing and even put me in touch with someone they'd just installed a similar system for. I was just wondering if anyone here has any experience with Akrapovic parts, ideally exhausts. Are they as good as everyone seems to think? It's not like they're cheap (at all) so I want to be sure I'm making the right decision. Thanks in advance for any help.
  6. Something fast that doesn't guzzle fuel (there's not likely to be much around). Something big and strong without being too heavy (you want to be protected but not cumbersome). Something with plenty of interior storage room. Is there a car like that?!
  7. Pretty funny. I wish people would leave me alone when I'm trying to work on my motor!
  8. She looks gorgeous. How much do they want for her? I won't be able to afford it but I'm still curious...
  9. It may encourage tendencies in individuals who are already liable to it but I don't think you can blame motor racing for people driving faster. After all it's there decision. It's like saying to violent games or movies make people hurt other people. It's not the game or the movies fault, it's the fault of the person.
  10. I could be wrong here but I think CBlack0 might have been joking... Dappleyard: My mum has had a 207 for absolute yonks and nothing has gone wrong with it except for the time I crashed it that being said she gets it serviced and MOT'd at an independent Peugeot specialist and even he says that they're not the cars they used to be. I don't know about a fix for a high biting point, is it not something you could adjust to? When I drove the 207 I found the gearbox ok. 207 wipers did get noisy pretty quick, they do the job though. Getting a spoiler fitted will be neither difficult or that expensive. I reckon you could get it done professionally for a couple of hundred. In my honest opinion I have never liked Fiestas. There's not much basis for that but I think it has something to do with just how common and *meh* they are. So my vote goes to the 208. I hope this helps.
  11. Your profile says you are Hertz Car Sales so I would be surprised if you haven't had any experience of dealing with, well, yourself...
  12. Very cool, some of the cars look almost ethereal. I would love to stumble on a car graveyard like the ones featured, I could spend days there.
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