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  1. Hiya, I have a 2003 (03 plate) VW Golf Match 1.6 16V. I think i have a problem with the Battery or Alternator. The car had been sat doing nothing for 2 days, the remote locking and dashboard were fine as was the switching on of the battery as i turned the key. However, as soon as i tried turning on the engine the dash reset and car seriously struggled to turn on. It did just about manage to but only by a hair. I didn't leave any lights or electronics on, i did that once ages ago over just the one night and completely killed it, even the locking. What confuses me the most is i could turn the engine off and straight back on again afterwards. One would assume (not being mechanically minded whatsoever) that if a nearly dead battery only just managed to turn a car on, it wouldnt be able to do it again almost straight away. When my car is on and running there isn't a problem which tells me the alternator is ok and there are no warning lights on. If the car is sat for most of the day while im at work or over one night then it's ok starting. But leaving for a whole day and night it struggles again. Can someone advise me on this please? I do apologise i tend to go on abit. Thanks in advance, Mark
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