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  1. helloravijangid

    I think you're rich

    BMD 435i coupe is best as viewing its interior and exterior design.
  2. helloravijangid

    Scheduled Car Maintenance

    Valuable suggestion.
  3. helloravijangid

    Must be aware about car

    Yeah man, I noticed you and it seems like you have a great experience and knowledge regarding to this field.
  4. helloravijangid

    Buy top class performance car

    I will fly to your side...
  5. helloravijangid

    Want a suv.. Jeep Cherokee?

    2014 Jeep Cherokee will be the best option for you.This is latest diesel cars model which has excellent interior and exterior design features. Few points which makes it different and valuable from others cars: >Stylish But Comfortable Results >Containing Reliability & Safety Factor
  6. helloravijangid

    OC Cars

    Thanks for sharing this extremely nice thread with us.
  7. helloravijangid

    Open on Sunday

    Yeah, if you want to open on Sunday then this is good news for your business.
  8. helloravijangid

    First Car

    At the beginning of my junior year of college, circa 1990, I finally got a car. It was a Subaru Justy.
  9. helloravijangid

    Porsche 918 Spyder

    here is a blank image but not able to see it.
  10. helloravijangid

    Really Cheap

    yeah, it will be right for you.
  11. helloravijangid

    Jaguar F Type Acceleration V8

    The 5.0 liter 495 horsepower supercharged engine in the F-TYPE V8 S is supremely capable. A large supercharger feeds the engine to deliver an astonishing peak torque of 460 lb-ft from just 2,500 rpm. Acceleration is rapid and progressive; response is immediate and predictable. Spray-guided direct injection delivers precisely measured quantities of fuel directly into the center of the combustion chambers at pressures of up to 2,100 psi for cleaner, more efficient combustion. By switching off the engine when the vehicle comes to a standstill, the Intelligent Stop/Start system can improve fuel economy Acceleration: 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds3 Top Speed: 186 mph3 EPA Highway Estimate: 23 mpg2
  12. helloravijangid

    who do you think is better ? japanese v american

    i will fly to the side of japanese.
  13. helloravijangid

    Car Buying Advice Needed Please

    you can choose your best petrol dream cars, which contains all the features as your desire. The comparison between best cars are also available which helps a lot.
  14. helloravijangid

    German sedans vs. American ?

    I like most German Sedans
  15. helloravijangid

    Cool looking reality show: returning classics to their prime

    I am interested and I will definitely watch this show