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  1. -2006 350z -2009 370z - current gen Camaro - or an older muscle car , like a 70's Camaro or challenger . The 350z seems easiest to mod and tune to me, the 370z has my attention too because of the 3.7 Litre and other minor performance upgrades, I think a current Camaro sounds the nicest, an older muscle car is most moddable and tuneable, I may have some trouble with aftermarket supportb and ill definitely have to get in the know-how before I buy one , but this would probably be the cheapest.
  2. (Hopefully this forum is a little less bias than the other places on the Internet I've talked about cars , looking for opinions ranging from JDM enthusiasts to classic muscle enthusiasts) Okay so here are my top favorite cars ( I can afford right now). I want to get into tuning asap! All used btw. 2006 Nissan 350z ( I feel I can tune and mod this the most to my liking) 2007 370z ( or maybe another year) Current gen Camaro Current gen challenger A classic muscle , like Pontiac GTO judge or 69 Camaro z/28 ------ Which one should I aim for?
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