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  1. One car I know could be the same manufacturer that made the Holden Monaro (however you spell it)
  2. I have a 1993 Chevy Camaro z28 5.7 with about 135,000 miles. It made a whining/humming noise recently. It sounded soft at first, added oil the. Noise would go away. One time it got REALLY loud, spooked my girlfriend as well as me, then it stalled out and died. I checked the oil but that was fine so it bothere me even more. So I Let it sit for a few minutes then started with no problem. It happened again recently but i slowed down an it gt really loud again. Let it rest then tried going home. I was going about 75 miles per hour until it didn't want to give gas and started to stall. I pulled over and shut it off for a bit them drove it home while it did that stalling out about twice more. I can answer as many questions as I can, any advice would be appreciated! I should also mention that I put in a new alternator the day before I noticed anything.
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