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  1. David123

    Broken inside door

    Its is repairable but still its wise to replace it for security reasons. http://www.murphystireautoservice.com/
  2. David123

    help! did i damage my car!?

    Noting to worry about. Sometimes it happens in hills. http://www.murphystireautoservice.com/
  3. BMW's cars also have the best lighting technology available on cars today.
  4. David123

    Re-Spraying car

    I feel its better to be done it by a reputed and well experienced pro. They can do it by consuming less time and effeciently. But yes they charge high cost and deliver excellent results.
  5. My opinion Mahendra Verito is the best among all. It's price is with in $10000. It's have EngineDisplacement (CC)-1461 CC No Of Cylinders-4 Cylinder No Of Gears-5 Forward & 1 Reverse Power (PS)-65 PS Torque (NM)-160 Nm Transmission-Manual Kerb Weight-1140 Kgs. Fuel Type-Diesel Drive Type-FWD\ Best mechanic in Canandiagua NY Leading auto repair shop in Canadiagua NY
  6. David123

    why wont my car AC work?

    You all you know that AC uses a gas which is Freon. which is merely a marketed name for dichlorodifluoromethane (A CFC [chloro fluoro carbon]). This is a product that is being phased out because it adds to ozone depletion and thus the Global Warming effect. This happens because when the CFC's escape from the unit it quickly rises up to the ozone layer. Once there it rips the ozone (three oxygen molecules bonded together) apart and turns them into plain oxygen (two oxygen molecules bonded together). I think your AC compressor have no Freon. That's why this type of problem showing.
  7. David123

    New car maintenance?

    Hello everyone...Congratulation you for buying BMW x5. It's amazing car, I really like this car. Firstly follow the user manual provided by the company. I think you can get all the answer there, one thing remember whatever servicing given by the company, just follow the first. Secondly drive slow & I think 7500 miles is a good time to change the oil in our cars.
  8. David123

    The new BMW X6 looks awesome

    I am a fan of the BMW car. Great to listen & I am so much excited to know that BMW car going lunch new model X6 in December. Best mechanic in Canandiagua NY Leading auto repair shop in Canadiagua NY
  9. David123

    Ways to increase car performance

    I am going to mention 10 importance point, where you can increase your car performance. 1.Get rid of the junk, add lightness 2.Use the best oil and change it regularly 3.Get Polyurethane bushings 4.Replace your old spark plugs and air filter 5.Get a new head unit or AUX port 6.Build in a strut tower brace 7.Get a good set of tires and keep them inflated 8.Get a set of good rims for those tires 9.Replace the factory exhaust 10.Get clever shock absorbers Best mechanic in Canandiagua NY Leading auto repair shop in Canadiagua NY
  10. David123

    Fast moving consumable list

    You are right Aaron.... Maximum Oil, spark plugs, filters, brake pads & fluids are more consumable for car maintenance and repair. Best mechanic in Canandiagua NY Leading auto repair shop in Canadiagua NY
  11. David123

    Car shuts off.

    Listen maximum auto repair service provider d't have fully trained and experience mechanics. So they can't easily reorganize the problem vehicle, so try to go to good auto repair , which can easily recognize the key problem of your vehicle. Thank Best mechanic in Canandiagua NY Leading auto repair shop in Canadiagua NY
  12. Murphy's Tire Service provides reliable Car Repair service in Canandaigua NY. Besides, car repairing, we also offers routine auto maintenance services as well as car maintenance and repair tips. Our Specialty. · Well trained & experienced mechanics · We perform preventive OE recommended maintenance services · Provide service for wide range o vehicles · Guaranteed customer satisfaction Our primary goal has always been complete satisfaction for our customer. We also provide six months interest free credit option on repair work.Call us at: (585) 394-2350 or contact us online: http://www.murphysti...to-repairs.aspx if you need any auto repair or maintenance service.
  13. It's depend upon the size of the vehicle. According to my opinion the range vary from $1500 to $4500 including tax. Auto Repair Canandaigua NY
  14. David123

    Tips for Car Maintenance

    I would like to give some importance tips for car maintenance. You just follow the below tips:- 1.Be patient during the break-in period 2.Drive with care everyday 3.Buy gas at reputable service stations 4.Go easy when you’re stuck 5.Don’t fill up if you see the tanker 6.Lighten up your key chain 7.Choose a good car insurer 8.Keep an auto log 9.Preserve your car during long-term storage Auto Repair Canandaigua NY