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  1. Wim Vanherck

    BMW Motorsport

    Anyone seen the Top-Gear episode where Tiff Needell has a spin round an airport in the M5?! That kind of powersliding can make any grown man drool...
  2. Wim Vanherck


    I really love people who are enthusiastic about even sitting in an M3... Hell, even seing one makes my day!
  3. Wim Vanherck

    German ferrari tuning house

    Countach... I've had a look at your little stable: quite impressive! Why don't you add a classy M5 or E55 to your collection?
  4. Wim Vanherck

    528i wagon or V70 wagon

    Hear hear...
  5. Wim Vanherck

    Mercedes AMG SLK32 - The M Roadster killer

    Are you surprised?! There's nothing wrong with being loyal to one make of car... BTW Did you know that there are people on this forum that have BMW's //M tattood on their arms? Now that's what I call dedication!
  6. Wim Vanherck

    Monaco Exotic Dealership

  7. Wim Vanherck

    Ford Focus FR200 - Rice or just ugly ?

    Check out the but on the Ford!!! Why bother having a whole discussion about the 300 BHP on the front wheels?! This car's just plain ugly...
  8. Wim Vanherck

    7 Ferrari's not exactly in showroom condition

    I don't think these cars were crashed by Ferrari: The bottom right car is a Testarossa, and next to it is a much newer, younger model... Why the hell would Ferrari crash these cars at the same time??? --> C'mon, lets crash both old and new Ferraris and see what hurts most... :)
  9. Wim Vanherck

    Ferrari Vs Mclaren

    BMW : 3d place in their first time round in years... I'm not saying they will win the championship this year (not even the next three years), but hey, give'em some time and they'll beat the shit out of everyone!
  10. Wim Vanherck


    I know where my 100k£ would go to: One fine M3, and maybe a second hand Lancia Delta HF int. EVO (just for fun: great car!) One piece of advice: don't spend that kind of money on one vehicule...
  11. Countach? That would be my choice.
  12. Wim Vanherck

    crashed Ferrari 355

    Sad but true. I may be a religious teacher, but pics like this make me doubt...
  13. Wim Vanherck

    360 Spider on Motorvision

    Joined juli 2000 and already you have 3 stars behind your name?! Yep, you're aaalllriiighhht!!!
  14. Wim Vanherck

    911 facelift here...

    Great site indeed!! Thanks for the hint.
  15. Wim Vanherck

    Lotus Exige-Nuts!!!

    Exige vs. Viper Different league Different ballpark Different game No use comparing these two... (although I do think the Exige would kick cornering-ass! )