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  1. When it comes to American cars people may think cars like Ford, Chrysler or Chevrolet. However, Toyota and BMW are some of the cars associated with foreign countries (Japan and Germany respectively). However, they have huge factories in the USA and considered to be American Manufacturers. They contribute to the economy greatly. Many of the other auto brands have factories in the US. But a few of them are just assembly lines as most parts are made outside and brought to be assembled in the US. Toyota and BMW are in that sense even more American as they have factories producing cars from bolts to nuts. Actually, there is a news today that BMV increasing capacity 50% by investing 1 Billion dollars in Spartanburg, South Carolina - http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/03/28/us-autos-bmw-spartanburg-idUSBREA2R1TG20140328. They are planing to make their new models here as well. What is even cooler is that they not only produce for domestic market but also they export as well. Their contribution to local economy is huge according to Minister of Commerce. According to their calculations, the plant in Spartanburg is responsible for creating an economic value of $16 Billion. With that level of influence you would be happy that they stayed but they are increasing capacity. Isn't it great?
  2. These are not bad choices within the budget car market. Why don't you test drive them and decide for yourself. Here is a reliable review for Altima http://www.edmunds.com/nissan/altima/ I found by searching. I am sure you could the same for the others and read them. Ultimately, it is down to your personal choice. Also, check their insurance ratings as well before you buy one of them. As far as I know Honda Civic has one of the worse theft record but I don't know Honda Accord. You can get quotes for each type of car and see which one is cheaper to insure. Good luck.
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