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  1. I've mount a Samsung Tablet into my car. The 7" fits very well into the stock deck. The audio is transmitted via normal Aux-in. My basic problem was the powering. At the moment I thought just one option: The power of the tablet is connected to the permanent car power. Then the tablet will be available all the time. I guess the power consumption is low enough that the car battery drainage will not be a problem. Any Insights on this? Another issue i had is that there wasn't a way to have the tablet power on when you turn the car on like a stereo. Well, i guess there is Tasker, but it's a paid app and relatively complicated. Some days ago i stumbled upon an app that definitely seems to simplify this basic purpose. It is called Autosleeper Auto power ON-OFF. Is there anyone who has used it? I am quite happy with it's performance, but i'd like some feedback for this app or alternatives i can use...free is always preferred.
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