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  1. After many years of loving my Lexus, I decided it was time for a new car. After researching cars online, I decided to check out the Equus and loved the bells and whistles of the car, along with the look. It was July of last year when I test drove the car I wanted and I noticed some terrible thumping noise and some vibrations. The dealership said it was from flat spots in the tires and fixed it and it seemed just fine after that so I bought it. This turned out to be huge mistake. As soon as I drove it home I noticed more vibrations and the dealership claimed it was probably a balance issue this time. I brought it back in after a week and they supposedly fixed it by replacing a balancing weight. I went away on vacation for a little while, came back and the car was still not driving right. This is now October, I bring it in again and they changed the drive shaft, and two rear axles. Car still vibrating. Now it's November. They tell me to bring it in later in the month when they would have new tires and a regional manager could speak with me. SO I wait and on Nov. 25 we test drove the car with the regional manager and service manager of the Alexandria Hyundai. We ALL agree the front end vibrations are still there. The local manager says changing the tires in his opinion would do nothing. The regional manager asks me to wait ANOTHER two weeks for some engineers to take a look at it and I told him I'd had enough. I told him the car was a lemon and I wanted a new one to replace the POS they sold me. They've declined and we are now set for a court date! Stay away from the Equus, and for that matter, stay away from Pohanka Hyundai in Virginia. Not worth the headache for the extreme price tag. Dreaming of having my old Lexus back!!!
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