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  1. For the past 2 years during the winter (especially when temps. plummet to -15 and colder) my hubby has decided to not plug our jeep in at night or use a block heater. Each morning our vehicle doesn't start and he has to use a battery charger. Today he just bought a new battery. His other battery was only 2 years old. He also has decided the Jeep doesn't need to idle even for a few minutes after a cold night without being plugged in. One day the jeep stalled in the middle of the road, luckily he was in front of our house. Is it possible to damage the Jeep by driving it without an idle?

    For some reason this perplexes me as I'm wondering if old age has crept up on me and I don't know about vehicle winter maintenance anymore or is he suffering from a memory lapse?

    Advice and suggestions will be helpful to solve this discussion in my household.

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