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    Funny Car Ad

    I have been shopping around for some cars on Craigs List and Ebay, trying to find a good deal on a fixer upper so I can fix it and sell it for a few $ and I am amazed at what people try to pull when it comes to cars. I had one guy tell me his truck had 96k miles only to see the odometer was at 169k!!! Umm, what? Today though, I came across this one on EBay for a 95 Ford Van and was laughing, not sure if he is just being funny or waaaaay too honest. The best part was he stated: "First of all, this van has over 135,000 miles and has seen a lot of the country. Now be assured, these were rough miles and I rarely did the oil changes on time, gave tune ups on time etc. Most people will tell you how they have all the service records for their vehicle, well I have none. Heck, most of the time I never serviced it, I simply hoped it would last another mile." I didn't bid on it, seems like it should just be sent to the graveyard but at least I didn't waste my time either! lol