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  1. Did anyone watch the show?? I thought it was great
  2. yeah they're great aren't they! its premiering for the first time ever brand new series. I feel your pain too many shows on at the same time, its a great show
  3. I've been watching Reality Rides (a new series airing 0ctober 5th Velocity 9am) and its so great all the guys in it really know what they're doing. This Buick is so beautiful I'd love to go for a beer with these guys they're so down to earth catch the trailer here:
  4. this car is so unbelievable take a look at this
  5. Hi everyone, Ive come across this great show on vimeo about a hotrod shop which build an old battered '55 Buick Special from start to finish, its a great show no drama just pure auto build the show is called Reality Rides,and it's actually going to be on Velocity on October 5th at 9am. If you like restoring cars and learning about the ins and outs of a complete restoration, then you'll love this Reality Rides follows Carl's Custom Cars in Red Oak, Texas. These guys don't cut corners and you can actually see the entire film through the whole season. It's so refreshing to watch a show like this. I'm really hoping this show does well when it's broadcast I'd love to see some more seasons.
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