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  1. Ital45

    Have you ever?

    too add to my other post.. In my last crash I have just discovered I have a broken my elbow.. But that was three weeks ago.
  2. Ital45

    new Sirius pics with interior

    check out the Vw golf at http://www.fh-zwickau.de/~ao/dubsport_vw_g...golf_bigdub.htm man that thing would fly!!
  3. Ital45

    All Japan Grand Touring Championship

    I'd love to see th races in Australia.. for cable T.V i have Austar... they dont even show the friggan Nascar races live when they r in the middle of the night. instead they show some crappy soccor game or something **** like that (sorry to the soccor fans out there imo i dont like that game). There is an Aussie in the japanese series... ex- 500cc world champ Wayne Gardner who drives a Toyota Supra.
  4. Ital45

    Have you ever?

    No car accidents, a few big karting ones though. accident #1. flying down the stright in the slipstream going about 120kph. I hit the brakes for the next corner (a slight tap of the brakes but still doing 100kph) the guy behind me launches over the top of me landing on my wrist and steering wheel, and then went flying through the chipbark and into the fence. Result badley broken wrist and a very bent kart. (it even broke my whatch into pieces and went flying all over the track) accident #2. flying down the straight at about 110kph, the guy behind me did a no-brainer and rammed up my **** and put me through the 2m of chipbark and into the fence sideways at about 90kph. Resulting in 4 broken ribs, (one rib didnt heal for over 4 months) and another bent kart.. When u enter a race track and see the sign "motor racing is dangerous" they arn't joking!!
  5. Ital45

    CART in Mexico

    I'm going for Orial Servia...
  6. Ital45

    What is going to be the THIRD F1 team?

    Jordan third... but I'd really like to see Sauber up there and Minardi Mid-field..
  7. Ital45

    Predictions for the Malaysian Grand Prix?

    my predictions are... 1. M.Schumacher 2. B.Labonte.... err. not nascar.. M.Hakkinen 3. R.Barrichello 4. J. Trulli 5. J.P.Montoya 6. N.Hiedfeld 10. F.Alonso 21. T.Marques 22. G.Mazzacane
  8. Ok if it doesnt require any skill to drive a Nascar.... try driving the new Nascar 4 at 98-99% at Daytona and win?? I bet no-one will get passed 100 laps of a 200 lap race It's friggan hard, and anyone that says otherwise is an idiot.. or friggan good.
  9. Ital45

    Nismo and Nissan

    Oh ok thanks guys!!
  10. Ital45

    Olivier Panis

    Its going to be interesting to see what Benetton does with all of its drivers next year.. with Trulli, Button, Fisichella, Webber and now Alonso?? BAR's new test driver is Anothny Davison.. he came 2nd or 3rd in the british FF. James Courtney (an Aussie and double world Karting champion) won the championship and should now drive for Stewart Racing in F3
  11. Ital45

    Nismo and Nissan

    Nismo and Nissan are different companies arn't they.. sorta like Honda and Mugen relationship.
  12. Ital45

    Olivier Panis

  13. Ital45

    car for my girlfriend

    lol.... bad mood sorry
  14. Ital45

    Interesting scenario

    Nah I come from the land down under.. Australia.. Ital is from Italsystem Engines (kart engines) and 45 is my racing number.
  15. Ital45

    car for my girlfriend

    MGF as boxes of over priced crap.. crap box + no grunt + shitty build quality (similar to the Boxter) = wasted money. Go for the Celica or Integra maybe even a new MR2?