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  1. We've all seen the movie, Cannonball Run, but there is a whole load of truth behind the plot. The NYC to L.A. race is a real record mad car enthusiasts try to beat every year. There's a lot more to it than just fast cars, such as electronic devices and modified fuel cells, but even then the chances of coming close to the record are slim. I recently wrote a Cannonball Run post about the history of the run and the car I'd choose for the epic journey, so my question is as the title reads: What weapon would you choose?
  2. I'm a massive fan of car chases and cop cars. If you were to outrun the cops, knowing you’d eventually grab the attention of helicopters and TV, what vehicle would you choose? It would obviously have to be fast, but would it be a sensible/reliable choice, or would the thought of cameras make you opt for something exotic or badass? Check out my car chase article and see some pretty mad cop cars and chase videos.
  3. I am a big Sleeper car fan and sometimes write about them on my car blog - I even have a Sleeper G+page devoted to them. After trawling the net for Sleeper-related articles and lists, I noticed how the true sense of the word "Sleeper" is starting to get both lost and confused. The likes of the M, AMG and RS badges are creeping into the lists, cars obviously built for speed. I wrote a Sleeper car piece on the points I thought made a true Sleeper car. What are your favourite Sleeper cars?
  4. I recently happened to read a snippet on the Raoul Moat story, which led me into looking up the car he used throughout his moments of madness. It was a black Lexus IS200, and I wrote a blog post on the vengence car I'd consider good for the job. A little morbid, I know, but I thought it quite interesting. So my question to you petrolheads is exactly as the post title reads.
  5. Okay, so the image is a little comical but the contents of my blog are both factual and (to me) interesting. If you were to go back in time two decades and someone were to tell you the quaint Mini would one day out weigh a 3 series BMW, would you laugh? Please check out my blog post and feel free to comment on what cars you think are more fun to drive: older, lighter, less powerful, or new, heavy but more powerful?
  6. Gargling Gas are very into mean cars and cars with serious character. If you were the main protagonist in a zombie/vampire/apocalypse movie, what car would you steal as your ride? I wrote an article on my favourite rides and one I'd have to drive to crack some zombie heads.
  7. As you can see from my profile pic and blog, I am a massive BMW fan, especially the older models. Cars and art don't often go too well together (Top Gear proved that ) but when the likes of Warhol and surrealist minds combine with BMW, the outcome is quite wonderful. Check out my blog for more Images.
  8. Anyone making the effort to sign up to an automotive forum such as this obviously has a passion for cars. Some people fall into categories in what types of car they like, whether its Japanese turbos or Yank muscle, and that's fine. When it comes to automotive appreciation, I personally love them all and get just as excited spotting a rare 80s Jap 1.0-L turbo as I would spotting a Lambo, Ferrari or McLaren. With this said, the car art I discovered the other day would be appreciated by all types of petrolhead. Troy Paiva is a guy with an obvious talent using junkyards and light as his chosen media. Check out the link below as you know that old saying about pictures speaking a thousand words. Troy Paiva: Cars From The Dead
  9. Hi guys I fancied a change from AWD and WRX as I wanted to do some drifting. I'm not new to owning Bimmers or German cars, and having owned an e46 M3 and various old-school Mercs, I thought it was time to get back into a BMW. I have written a few blog posts about the E36 325i I purchased, along with the confusion she caused as I initially wanted a beater/drift missile project :rofl Glad to have found this forum and I hope you enjoy my HeLLga as much as me. HeLLga, the E36 325i Project
  10. This Buick GNX sat in a bog for two decades before it was pulled and fully restored. The GNX is my favourite car and one I hope to own. Please check out my small article and the 1160 pictures documenting the entire restoration process. Talk about dedication... The Creation Of Something Special In 1160 Pics
  11. I recently blogged about the rising popularity of the estate/wagon, particularly the 80s - 90s cars. What were once family wagons, designed for purely practical purposes, are now considered cool. Whether you're a hipster, a drifter, or looking to build the ultimate sleeper, the estate ticks all the right boxes. I'm considering a relatively cheap sleeper build using a twin turbo estate. Please check out the wagons and prospect build in my blog post: Don't Wake The Sleeping Wagons and tell me what your favourite wagons are.
  12. The Buick GNX is my favourite car, and despite hailing from the UK, I hope to own one in the future. Because they were so radical for their time and quickly earned a legendary status, I do wonder what Buick will do with the 2015 release of the GNX. I blogged Buick's GNX revival and was still left asking: Will the new GNX be insane enough to do it's daddy any justice?
  13. I don't know why I pay a TV license as I never watch it; I spend all my free time either watching downloaded car shows or car related YouTube clips. Whether you are into drifting or not, the guys pictured above produce a series of videos definitely worth a watch. Despite being Formula Drift pros, they take the time out to produce Drift Garage, a series of funny and informative videos on building a budget drift car (missile). Check out my review and link to the playlist of Drift Garage.
  14. Doesn't the above car look great? Doesn't it look like it has a tale to tell? If you disagree, you may not get why I adore the automobile. Please bear with me and I'll explain, or rather have explained in my blog post on just what ticks my boxes car-wise. I'd love to hear your views on it and what you find so alluring about cars.
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