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  1. Bar's Products corruption has no limits. Bar's head gasket sold by Bar's Products Inc, Holly, MI 48442 Bar's products pays important auto repair websites and when your post a comment regarding Bar's, the website deleted it after a few minutes But, the website keeps bogus and fakes reviews fabricated by Bar's. WalMart also do that. WalMart is telling you to be the first to review Bar's and after you do that, your comment is deleted Some search engines will post your complaint, but they will never list your complaint on the same page as Bar's Products, so the people looking to repair a head gasket will see only fakes reviews and lies posted by Bar's Products and got duped by that
  2. The maker of Bar’s permanent head gasket fix part number 1111 are blatant opportunists, crooks and big liars Bar's Products Inc, Holly, Michigan 48442 makers of Bar's Permanent Head Gasket Fix part number 1111 This product is known as a problem product, but many people learned too late about this bad product, after they added the product to the radiator, mixing it with the coolant. The result; expensive parts damaged and engine damaged for overheating All Bar's sales number in millions are fakes and also the numbers of employees working at Bar’s Products Inc, Holly, MI 48442 Ask Bar's Products Inc to show the public the 2012 INCOME TAX RETURN and TAXES PAID? Talk is cheap, but the public needs proof on this company and if they won't bring any proof at all, this business should close the doors This company products damaged thousands of cars and the public wants to know what is going on behind its doors Bar's duped a lot of people and they must pay a price for it! DO NOT BUY ANY BAR'S PRODUCTS, SAVE YOUR MONEY AND YOUR CAR Bar's Products is selling online and at some large retailers. Be aware that resellers are making a profit on this product and whatever goes wrong with it, will be your problem and they are not going to pay a penny for
  3. found in auto magazines, performance cars
  4. service your car at the dealer, sometimes it may take a wrong turn, but when the car is under warranty, there is no much you can do about it Many times the dealer is parking your car in one place and when you come the car to pick up the car, the car is already parked on a different spot to make you believe that they worked on your car, but actually they do not Every time the dealer is getting your car for repairs, the dealer will charge money to the car maker. So, it is a good business for the dealer not a do a thing on your car for the first 3 or 4 times you brought the car in for repair After that, he will do Or give some money to the service writer and he will push hard the mechanic, to repair your car
  5. soap is working, but you will have to put the soap mostly on the side of the belt $350.00 for a belt tensioner? If the problem stops every time you put soap against the belt, the problem is not the tensioner Serpentine belt is not easy to put on, unless you buy the serpentine tool at the auto parts Try to put a new belt and see if it will correct the problem Years ago, I had a dry belt on my Mitsubishi that I don't longer have The soap was working, but I changed the belt and the problem was gone
  6. Bar's head gasket # 1111 is a bomb in a bottle that will knock out your engine in just the first 2 miles or less and you will pay a big price to repair the complete engine If this bottle will work so well, all the mechanics will have to close their doors! But they do not! Too late, I found that thousands of people complained on the product and it started 15 years ago Some people buying and selling junk cars will have a different opinion, because their business is to make easy money by selling junk cars and cheating and deceiving people is their everyday business If you have a small head gasket leaks, don't put any Bar's Products, because the Bar's liquid will turned into a solid rock, no more coolant circulation and will damage the whole engine
  7. If it requires premium fuel, with a 91 octane, you must use that or you will have engine problem The timing will change according to octane used and the engine will get hotter
  8. Bar's duped me 100% , the product damaged my engine. Total to replace engine and parts $7,000 BAR'S PRODUCTS INC, MUST MAKE PUBLIC DISCLOSURE OF INCOME AND FEDERAL TAXES PAID ON 2012 OR BEING LABELED AS CON-ARTISTS BAR’S CROSSED THE LINE BY SELLING BAD PRODUCTS AND HAVE BEEF WITH EVERYONE The head gasket permanent product is a permanent damage to engines, causing extreme overheating. Then, the overheated engine is gone forever. The product is junk and clogged everything on internal passages and cooling parts. The product became hard as a rock All its sales number in millions reported are fakes and also the numbers of employees working at Bar's having no evidence to prove anything at all (Bar's Products Inc, Holly, MI 48442) The maker of Bar's permanent head gasket fix part number 1111 are blatant opportunists and big liars and they have beef with everyone. Fred Mannix the chemist is an old coward having a taste for easy money, even if that money might come from the production and selling of amphetamines made at the place where they holed up in Michigan. A place where no even the coyotes wants to live! Robert J Mermuys and Fred Mannix are the people manipulators selling stuff that will damage engines Why they do not show a very large testing area working on hundreds of different engines? Because they do not have any and the only thing doing is posting lies on the internet? Where is the R&D, to produce a product as they claimed to have, to fix cracked head gasket? Those people at Bar’s Products are a bunch of charlatans and they lie down to the bone Bar’s built the business based on bogus product reports and false reviews on the Internet The authorities must pay a visit to those people holed up in Holly, MI, because I think that Bar’s Products is just a front business I seen only 2 or 3 bottles of Bar's bottles at WalMart and Auto Zone shelves waiting for a customer to buy it and if one customer will buy a bottle of Bar's head gasket fix, he doesn't know yet in what kind of big trouble is getting into. Engine overheated to max and you will have to pay thousands of dollars for a brand new engine After using Bar's, you car engine will be knocked out forever, after driving the first mile or less Don't get impressed by Bar's con-artists and the Bar's Products Incorporated name. It only takes 2 people to get incorporated and the only reason to have it is to protect their personal assets when someone tries to sue them. Believe me; they had a lot of people suing them The hottest button issue in disclosure is the IRS TAX RETURN, because bogus assurances of potential profit are the most effective way to dupe people, otherwise all is fabricated and done by Bar's head gasket fix to dupe people Bar's Products Inc posted bogus claims on WEBSITES and bogus products reviews Bar's Products Inc magic reviews posted by Fred Mannix is telling lies to the public. Fred Mannix is a Irish Canadian from Calgary working for Bar's Products and acting like the main con-man at Bar's Products Inc in Michigan 48442 I did not have any previous knowledge on this product and I trusted whatever was printed on the bottle
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