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  1. This must b the Old board, anyways Kenny asked me to give u guys the details on my 92 512TR racer. this year I have lots of work to do on it, hopefully it will be running next year & I'd like to race with EMRA so I have to keep it fairly stock although I can shed a few 100 #s & add roll cage, fuel cells, harnesses, headers, & the wild Koenig body kit. with 450 + hp & around 2700#s she gonna give F40s a bad hair day I'll leave her like that till I get bored or my driving gets better, then maybe in a few years I'll go for 1200hp with the Koenig twin turbos. problem is that kind of hp destroys Ferrari transmissions so the trans must b rebuilt also.
  2. Ok I'll tell u about the cars I have driven or seen in person easiest to drive 512TR best for a windy track 308QV best ride 308QV most luxurious, probably an Aston for sports car but Maserati is famous for sensous interiors especially the quattroportes
  3. http://users.iol.it/rocksi/ This place is awesome
  4. I think this 1 starts with a D , I know its neither Koenig nor Haman
  5. I knbow there is a ferrari tuning house in germany, any1 recall the name? thanks
  6. I'd say a late 80s Mustang 5.0GT is pretty hard to beat, u can buy the car around $3k, drop $7k into it & have a giant killer
  7. Lime Rock is around $5k per day to rent but if u go with a club that drops to as low as $150 per head
  8. if the Israelis start a war in the Middle East, looks like Gen Sharon is itching for 1, wait till u see what that does to gas prices. Electric cars here we come
  9. I was poking around the int'l Lambo Registry & found an LM004, it was basically an LM002 with a different hood & a 7.3 liter V12 gasoline powered offshore boat racing engine They only built 1 but LM004 but the 7.3 engine has about 80 more ft/lbs of torque than the 5.1 liter Countach engine I wonder if the new 6 liter engine would fit in the Countach?? maybe if I removed the rear trunk?
  10. I saw a Silver 550 back in October in the Forza Mille, car looks fantastic in that color I really prefer mid engine exotics so my first choice would be something else but if they put the Vanquish in the next Bond movie then I might prefer it
  11. how much is an AU$ worth in USD$?? In the US its about 0.30 per quart which is just about a liter. In Argentina, where I am now, its about $1USD per liter
  12. the 2nd gen turbo MR2 was a gorgeous little Ferrari look-alike & Ive heard of some with 450hp, talk about a rocket the new MR2 is beyond Fugly its hideouslyFugly The Miatas r nice & make nice little race cars & handle awesome but I'd prefer the 2nd gen MR2 turbo
  13. Hmmm, I still havent bought those GT3 brakes for the 512TR, they were around $8k for all 4. Think I'm going with 4 porterfield rotors, Pfield race pads, speedline wheels & slicks & see how that set up works before deciding on bigger Brembos, GT3s, or the PCCB
  14. which is the coolest truck? I think the BMW X5 might be the perfect vehicle for Argentina, cus its fast & it has good ground clearance but still maintains a low center of gravity, except for that nasty 90% import tax The Lambo is way cool but it uses the same engine as my Countach so its gonna require Lots of expensive maintenance & its gonna eat clutches every 10k miles if not much sooner I just threw in the others in case there r some fans out there
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