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  1. I know I definitely enoy listening to music as i drive. Too ad your link was removed, wouldve loved to take party in the study.
  2. Definitely they hav a lot of money.. these guys have oil! A Lamborghini as a police car?? That is the complete height of wealth. It is really cool though, there arent any bad guys who will get away from that fast car! *jealousy*
  3. I think the Ford Mustang is really cool. Plus I think the look is awesome.
  4. I do think that the European cars are expensive however they do provide great classic cars that have stood the test of time such as BMW and Mercedes which just keep getting beter and better. There are also quite expensive American cars which are high performance such as Chrysler as well buit I think the European take the cup.
  5. I think its a great idea especially if they save energy and are safe for all life forms. They should catch up in a few years and its great BMW are starting the trend. Cant wait to see them.
  6. wow!! that is awesome! i think necessity is really the mother of invention and so he just worked with what he got. That is a great project he did and he will really reap the benefits
  7. Yes, there has been massive improvement over the years, great to know the history linked with the B&W Hitches especially with the high number of people who have trucks.
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