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  1. Well one problem. I can't find a single dang Impreza near me at all. So guess I might have to wait and keep on searching for one cause I have some great ideas for it!
  2. So I'm selling my two cars which will bring me at least $12,000 to $18,000 in cash and I know that Subaru's are really good and reliable cars. I'm 17 and very good with cars. So looking at a car that will last and that I can have fun working on. So the car I'm looking at is a 1996 Subaru Impreza and I looked up the reliability of these cars and the 1995, 1996 are the most reliable in all categories. Wondering what everyone thinks and suggestions?
  3. Go on KBB and go to the help me find a car section and put in the things that you want in the car and your price. Tell me how that goes!
  4. Ok well do you think I could get $2500 because its in good condition and has new components everywhere and I have receipts for consistent upkeep with the best of the best fluids and it runs great. Plus I just put brand new weather tires on it.
  5. Its not an engine swap. Its the exact engine for the car and it was done professionally. I still have receipt.
  6. I have a 92 Honda Accord LX with a brand new $500 stereo system in it, a new engine with only 20,000 miles on it, nice wheel covers, brand new shocks and struts, very clean interior, and good paint on it. Normally this car would go for around $3000 with all of this but with 200,000 miles on it when my engine only has 20,000. How much do you think I could get?
  7. So as is directed to someone who WANTS to work on it more aka paint it and what ever else do you think I could get $10,000 bare minimum. Because its a collectors car and its within the 1st year that mustangs were ever made so it's a fairly rare car.
  8. Ok so my question is just as the title is. How much should I sell my 65 mustang for. The interior is in near mint condition, engine works very well for a mustang of its age, has around 250,000 miles on it but many parts in the engine have less mileage on it, new battery, new spark plugs, and a brand new stereo system put in, but the only thing is that it has a good amount of surface rust but nothing too bad+it needs a paint job (Original paint job was red). I looked it up and they can go for around 13,000 to 15,000 with a new coat of paint. So was wondering if I could get around 10,000 to 12,000 because of the condition of the rest of the car. Thanks!
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