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  1. Ferrari 458 Challenge has made debut premiere car in Maranello during the annual dealer meeting. A traditional event brings together the representatives of Ferrari’s international sales networks. After few month at Frankfurt Motor Show unveiling of the Ferrari, that will compete in the Trofeo Pirelli in 2011. That model base on Ferrari 458 Italia. Engine V8 has remained the same. When Ferrari was making in the Ferrari house so Ferrari employed keep focus on weight and its weight keep lightweight, such as carbon-fiber and Lexan for both interior and exterior. kindly keep contineu and give comments Ferrari 458 Challenge
  2. i love nisan model and this is awesome and cool machine
  3. Toyota's eagerly awaited, compact 2+2 sports car, the GT 86, makes its European debut at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. On sale throughout Europe in the summer of 2012, the Toyota GT 86 is an entirely driver-oriented vehicle. It gives form to the pure, intrinsic joy of driving through precise, instantaneous response to even the smallest throttle or steering inputs, for those who regard driving as a passion rather than a necessity. With a low, highly aerodynamic bodyshell stretched tight over the engineering hard points, the new GT 86 is based on an entirely new platform. Shunning a heavy, large displacement powertrain for its performance, the GT 86 returns to Toyota's sporting roots with the world's only combination of a compact, front-mounted, free-revving, horizontally opposed 'boxer' petrol engine and rear-wheel drive. This unique powertrain format combines with the world's most compact four-seat design, light weight, low inertia and a low centre of gravity for the best possible power-to-weight ratio. These attributes award the GT 86 lively, accessible performance, highly engaging, readily exploitable dynamic abilities with minimal electronic intrusion, and maximum driving pleasure. Conceived to focus specifically on the purity of the classic sports car experience, designed by a passionate team of engineers, honed through competition and fine-tuned to satisfy the most discerning enthusiast, The GT 86 inherits the spirit of former Toyota sports cars to reward drivers with pure driving involvement.
  4. yes guys this is really awesome car
  5. in this istuation i will give to her treat in five star hotel and then i will prpose to her i love you my friend pleas don't be sad be happy as me
  6. hmmm nice and impressive car i love it
  7. Aston Martin Cygnet happens to be very different compared to other Aston Martins. With a length of just three meters, the car qualifies for the smallest car that Aston Martin has ever come up with. It is the first Aston Martin that has been designed for perhaps a drive in the city and is the slowest ever compared to all other cars of its kind. It only has the ability to reach 106 mph and goes from 0-60 mph in a span of 11.5 seconds — this happens to be an approximate of twice the time that other modern Aston Martins usually take. The small size and the possibility of inner-city commuting serve two purposes. To begin with, the car is designed to specifically suit the tastes of individuals who prefer a small, yet highly sophisticated drive for inner-city transportation and secondly, the car’susage of 54 mpg along with the reasonable 120g/km CO2-yield aid in theoffsetting of Aston’s giants. The car itself is quite remarkable. It has a glass-like paint finish by way of the Aston paint process and once you examine the luxury of the hand-finishedinterior, you are likely to fall irrevocably in love with the Cygnet. All the surfaces are swathed either in Alcantara, handbag-quality leather or first-quality carpet. aston martin cygent
  8. Fiat 500 has been available for sale for several since in Europe and it has now been modified to meet the marketing and safety standards of the United States.Therefore; it is now also being assembled at a North American plant. The Fiat 500 is tiny and fun-to-drive with a retro- styled hatch back. Although the 1.4-liter four does notpackettoo much of power, it is definitely sufficient to propelthe lightweight Fiat 500. There is precision and smoothness in the five-speed manual as well as the clutch. Handling is considerably secure and agile and the car has automatic climate control, an on-board computer andsupportive leather seats that add a touch of luxury to the car. While many changes have been done to befit the preferences and anticipation of U.S. purchasers, the line up is exactly like that in Europe. Three different versions are available. The Pop version comes already stylish, with cruise control, air conditioning, door locks and power windows, heated mirrors, a multi purpose automated vehicle-information system and seven regular air bags — one solely to cushion the knees of the driver — along with 4-wheel disc brakes, anti-lock braking and regular traction control and stability systems. fiat 500 abarth
  9. i love ferrari and how much people love here this model Ferrari FF
  10. is it hot car ? i wrote some rev-new for this model what you say about this pleas check me and give feedback for my post thanks BMW 1 Series
  11. Besides being fun to drive and absolutely amazing to look at, Mazda 3 is considered to possess a perfect blend of performance and gas mileage. The car has impeccable handling, a new Sky- G engine with a horse power that amounts to a whopping 155 and a fuel economy that not many cars offer. The 2012 Mazda 3 has retained most of its look with only slight changes that have particularly been made to the front end. The front air-dam has been reshaped along with the fascia that transition nicely into the splayed anterior fenders. A new posterior fascia has also been incorporated into the design and the wheel layout has been altered to go seamlessly with the new look. Coming over to the overall performance of the 2012 Mazda 3, the aspect of fuel economy has been widely hailed as the most impressive feature that the car possesses. The SkyActiv technology has upgraded fuel economy by a striking thirty percent. With this wonderful enhancement, Mazda is said to have hopped on to the ‘eco-friendly’ bandwagon. The car’s electro-hydraulic power steering – a blend of an electric pump with a conventional hydraulic- boost finish – is deemed the best compared to all its rival small cars. It allows you to experience a feeling of sheer confidence while you are behind the wheel along with the perfect ‘road feel’. mazda 3
  12. hot services huh ! i love to talk here guys
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