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  1. So I received a traffic ticket in Los Angeles California and I was looking into online traffic schools and I was looking for one that is not unusually difficult.. What do you think about this one, have you tried it? Easy Fast Cheap Online Traffic School at Link removed
  2. What would you rather have real racing or gas left in the tank? The fans want to see exciting racing to determine the victor, not who has the most droplets of gas left in the tank. quote from: http://blog.masslive.com/racinwithjason/2012/07/auto_racing_hot_topics_mandatory_late-race_cautions_in_nascar_austin_dillon_in_no_3_scott_dixons_eng.html
  3. japan has great cars but american cars in my opinion are the best. The best japanese is honda. Toyota in my experience don't run a good as honda.
  4. This is cool. Shows you have much we have changed over the last 100 year.
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