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  1. Unveiled Isuzu of Japan and owned by a group General Motors today announced her generation is totally new to her car and the famous belonging to the category of pickups lightweight D-Max, which won a new design and engines more sophisticated and powerful, as well as a list of equipment more competitive, the clashing directly with the models of successful most notably fellow Toyota Hilux in the new generation. The official launch of the pick-up came at a ceremony in the capital Bangkok, Thailand's largest markets. While the share of the new generation D-Max the same wheelbase, which will depend upon the next generation of the Chevrolet Colorado, so they are more solid at about 42% of the former, and provide greater load capacity as well as increased ability to provide a more spacious interior space. Design was a view D-Max bolder and more modern it is elegant and powerful features of Quebec father, starting from the front stylish lamps front trapezoidal decorated with lights based on the technology of the LED, with mesh ventilation chrome large as well as the emergence of a clear form of the muscles of the fender side. Internally are limited to new car closer to the life of practical everyday car by a family from the previous generation, they are elegant features modern details and full of equipment, as a navigation built with a touch screen measuring 7 inches, and entertainment system and DVD player and air conditioning automatic, as well as an optional system to assist in the corner with sensors front and rear cameras supported Under the hood will gain D-Max completely new engines more powerful and effective, in parallel with its ability to reduce the fuel consumption rate, which drives all three of the four-cylinder and turbo charger are supported and the system of direct fuel injection. First engine with a capacity of 2.5 liters, can 116 horsepower and a torque of 28 kg. M, while the engine generates the second in the same capacity is also 136 horsepower and 32 kg. M of torque, while the most powerful engine Fbsah 3.0-liter power 177 bhp with 38 kg. M of torque . And will remain a manual transmission is available as an option five key ratios, while the automatic transmission will enter the new five-front ratios of type Step Tronic to it, system with rear wheel or wheels as choice. Finally, Isuzu plans to expand marketing of its new Community starting next year, to include new markets to strengthen its presence specialist Japanese car maker SUVs and pickups.
  2. Technical Specifications --------------------------------- Horse power: 122 hp CC: 1599 cc Engine: 4 Cylinder Tee of stability up to 100 km / h: 10.2 second Maximum speed: 204 km / h Model Code: E87 Size tires: 195/55 R 16 H Aluminum rims size 16 " Height: 4239 cm Display: 1934 cm Height: 1421 cm Safety specifications: ------------------------------------ Pre-Safe system of universal protection BAS brake booster force DSC Dynamic Stability Control Luxury goods and accessories: ------------------------------------ Sound system developed Dolby technology and BMW Professional Conditioning Clemetronak Directors USB and AUX in for connecting audio devices such as iPOD Foreign Electronically adjust the seats Drickcin MULTI Vankhn with the design of new sports (369 mm diameter) BMW Assist system to the new alternative technique iDrive Bluetooth mobile phone with car tuning Voice Control Voice Command for the car Screen size 6.5 inches GPS maps built-in GPS With BMW Maps Start Stop Engine Button
  3. Car "Aventador LP700-4" before the amendment was contained on the engine cylinder "V12" capacity 6.5-liter generates a force of 700 hp and torque 690 Nm, and can start from the speed to 100 km / h in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 350 km / h, what means that it may turn out to rocket after the amendments. The company has manufactured parts for all Aero dynamic the car body out of carbon fiber used in the manufacture of aircraft, noting that it has succeeded in reducing vehicle weight by up to 65% for materials used in the older parts of the car. As regards to the cabin, the company is left to the users the freedom to choose between a wide range of leather and other fabrics and materials lining the surface of the cabin and seats, in addition to the possibility of jewelery such as door handles of aluminum and shiny. To improve the performance of the car company has designed a titanium exhaust system, high-voltage 80% lighter than the old system located by car, while working on the version of packages and the development of amendments to the engine control unit, brakes and suspension will become available at a later date.
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