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    My new motor!

    Thats a good pick for a ride. Like em a lot
  2. I constantly read about the massive amounts of compressed natural gas in the states and yet we have very few CNG cars available to us. If the government would have spent the money they wasted on corn based ethanol on a CNG infrastructure then we would be saving $20-30 dollars or more on a fill up plus not spending our money on home energy instead of purchasing foreign oil. Auto manufacturers can make a duel fuel setup that allows one to switch fuels on the go. CNG tank for short-range and gasoline for extended range. Is there something I am missing or does this make sense?
  3. I just got back from Mexico where I was surrounded by tons of Hilux trucks. Then I go back to the states having fantasy's of driving a diesel Hilux and flipping off the EPA.
  4. I'm thinking the Tesla Model S is one sexy EV and it looks as though Honda, VW, Mini, Smart and others will all soon have their EV's on the road. The Nissan Leaf was a ballsy move by Nissan but that is what I like about the company. They are the automotive wildcard plus they build the GT-R, I love it.
  5. Ford plans to drop 750 Lbs for the 2015 Mustang! It would certainly rank as one of the best performance buys as it would be faster and handle better. I also heard they were planning a Mustang SVO with the Ecoboost. Hopefully a Turbo 6-cyl but it looks more like the 2.0L will be the engine.
  6. I really like the EVOS concept that the Mustang is based on but I'm not sure how I feel about Ford dropping the nostalgic look. I love the look of old muscle cars but with rising Cafe standards I understand the need for aerodynamics. What will be interesting is if they can drop the intended 750lbs of weight and still keep the 5.0. If that is the case then this will certainly be a faster and better handling Mustang.
  7. True the Volt can drive on electricity alone but the Prius PHV is rated at 95 MPGe so the fact that you are going to maybe spend an extra dollar or two a week yet save a fortune of the initial price. My issue with the Volt is that too much was spent on development and GM will not recoup their money due to the fact that many buyers will be looking at Toyota. Now if the Cadillac ELR is delivered looking like the Concept then GM might move a few more Volt chassis(s) but then again it will probably cost $60k. Volt is a great concept that was poorly executed IMO.
  8. Ford Fiesta (or another bubble car)- Super efficient and a party on wheels. Get one for about 1-2k and drive it till the wheels fall off then haul it to a metal scrap yard and get a few hundred back for metal or try and win a demolishing derby. Then by that time you have saved up money and get a little bit nicer car and do it all over again. Soon you will work your way up to a very nice ride after a few years of ridicule.
  9. I personally would go for a bug-eyed 2003 WRX if it were me. Sedan, 227hp, AWD, reliable and a blast to drive. Plus you can find OEM and performance parts
  10. I am with you on the RX-8 but yes the gas mileage is not good plus I am skeptical as to the cost of parts and repairs later on for the Wankel Rotary engine. As for the S2000, if you can afford insurance then that is a great vehicle as long as the previous owner didn't molest it. and I still love the 350Z as well. I figure you make the most of your next purchase and do it right and get what you want.
  11. If I could get a Bugatti Veyron looking smart car I would totally do a Turbo GSXR-1000 engine swap and go racing.
  12. Huge difference - There is no substitute for a carbon fiber based weave as it can also be intertwined with Kevlar as well as other materials and looks amazing. If you are looking for a simple addition then the vinyl will work because the Carbon Fiber process takes some time as even with a starter kit you will spend a lot more and have a mess to clean up after. The process is similar to Fiberglass and usually requires an oven to cure it plus it will probably be much more expensive.
  13. I heard Greece gets cars for free as Germany figures out how to pay for them. Seriously I find some European cars excessive in price such as some VW's but then again I find some American made vehicles excessive in price. My concern is resale value. If the vehicle can maintain it then it is worth more to me as a buyer. If its a Range Rover or S-class then I will wait for a previously leased one to come available.
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