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  1. you are an exception btw,this topic has been dead for the past two years or something... heh
  2. this topic is really old thats the reazon i dont know who revived it
  3. as some of you know, I live in a border city with mexico, so i get to see a lot of the mexican cars every day in my town and today I saw this mexican older ram pick up (94-97) lowered a little bit, tith a roll bar and white stripes and some emblem on the door that said ram runner v10 I asked the guy about his truck, and he said that it was the soprtier version of ram pick ups down in mexico, the guy was in his 50`s and looked like a business man, so i dont think he was lying about this today i searched the web for this truck but did not find anything else anyone has any info related to this mexican model?
  4. man, thats a nice car, paint it just like the one you posted
  5. so which do you think is better? which stick better on drag racing?
  6. well, i was referring to a specific person, or group of engineers
  7. I re-checked those numers and this is what i found in an old mag of mineand I quote: Now available in base firebird (and camaro)is a 3.8L/200hp v6 powerplant<--that is reviewing the 95 bird, so in 95.5 became optional, and in 96 became standard
  8. I remember one 98 issue of sport compact car magazine where they did this comparo with a ws6 (very similar to the SS) and a wrx sti, and the sti ouran the firebird on the 1/4 mile, and outhandle it also, dont know the exact numbers though
  9. pretty cool race blig! I`ve also raced a similar grand prix, and it was pretty close, i also won because he had 2 other guys on the car and I was running solo on, and btw, the 3.8 series II was introduced to firebird in the 95.5 models......
  10. i read that article about a month ago and just loved it of course that mileage per gallon on the camaro is one of the worst i`ve ever seen, in reality its very close to the mustang GT, and some small sporty cars I specially remember some words saying something like this... 'the camaro is like a t-rex, old and big....its good to remember when dinasours ruled the earth'
  11. 225 of torque? thats stange, on new grand prixes the rating is 240 with the same emgine as far as i know what do you think is the difference?
  12. i dont see the big deal of it, for me it sounds totally logical 200 hp vs 215 240 lb/ft vs 270? about the same weight the camaro has some exhaust mods form what i know, its seems just the way it should go
  13. i wish i could see the faces on the mag editors
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