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  1. shaman post in the new site. Its settled shaman is posting in the new site.
  2. so your saying I changed your mind?? Ahh, my work in this topic is done than. On A side note, I cant read all these message boards,I am sticking with the new board. To many boards...
  3. Who says it faster?? The claimed time of the new Z06 is 3.95. We know chevy likes to exaggerate, but the old Z06 squeezed what, 4.3 out of 385 so thats possible.... Thats on par with the Vipers time, and the Lateral G of the newer Z06 is even better due to even more suspension modifications, so it handles probably a little better as well. .97 lateral g vs like 1.01?? You are punishing the vette because it is more popular as well. Does the viper really look much better, or is that you see so many vettes' that the look isnt as WOW factor as a viper??
  4. I don't know about you, but I consider dumb blondes in Mustangs the best drivers on the road . Eye candy extraodinare!!!
  5. Ya, now the trick is finding a 2000 or 1999 under 23,000$$ with my list of preferences: Black Traction Control T-Top 6 Speed Under 10K Miles
  6. Sorry I didnt take into account every track in the world. I was going by 1/4 mile times in general, and straightaway power, which are almost even in the 2002 Z06 and Viper. I wasnt talking about the 2003 viper vs the current Z06. I was saying that they are getting closer in performance than ever before and with the Viper jumping ship to Supernova territory with a 500 pnd car, and as u say a 60,000$$ price tag than the vette will have something around there. Count On It. 60,000$$ Holy ****, I have to own one now. _______ American Dream Garage: Trans Am WS6 T-Top CHECK (almost) 2003 Viper C6 Plymouth Prowler WORKING ON IT NEXT Mustang GT 2004
  7. First Chevy burst the Cobra R's bubble, when it released a modified C5 that defeated it in every category, most importantly in price. But it didn't stop there though. There sites have always been set on the current heavyweight champion; The Viper. Everybody knows the Viper squeezes out a victory over the Z06 on the race track, so what does Chevy do but introduce an even better and more powerful Z06. Whats more impressive is Bowling Green's will to just go forth and tackle the Viper, without waiting for the obligatory 3/4 year gap to change the car. With 45 less horsepower under its clip, and able to compete head to head with the current Viper The cars have the same stats, yet we all know the creature comforts of the vette, that the viper does not possess along with everyday driveability. This brings hope that the 500bhp Viper will have a legitimate challenger as the Corvette creaps ever so closer to the mantle as king once again... Which do you think is the reigning champion now. Not interested in rarity, interested in the car itself. (not chevys fault everybody wants to own a corvette)
  8. I like the regular trans am look, but I LOVE the Ws6 look. I was pricing it out mata, and if I bought a regular trans am, wanted to put a ram air hood on, paint it, install heat extractor, and the suspension, and that comes to over 1,500$$ so why spend later for something that costs that much and is already on the car. Mods are great, but as someone said, once you dole out that money or finance, its harder to spend 1000$$ on top of that at once. So I figure, spend an extra 15$$ a month to get the WS6 package, and worry about mods when they come. I am doing a full suspension, and drivetrain upgrade before power...Well maybe just SLP Loudmouths, but besides that I want the car to handle like nobody's business. THANKS FOR HELP EVERYBODY...
  9. I am having a hard time finding a 00; black ws6 in 6speed with traction control under 10k miles for my price range. I might expand my search to the 99s as well. Does anybody here know if there is a difference. hopefully shaman is around here somewhere. I tried at ls1.com, but nobody there seems to respond to anything except stuff about their own cars.
  10. its great and all that a car will depreciate less than another or appreciate possibly. You have to keep the car in perfect condition. Never drive it around, and not even use the car. Cars like the supra, never having a collectors edition, sell for a lot higher than any. If you look at depreciation, the american sports car goes down. I dont care if Pontiac claims its a "collectors model" or whatever. You are spending more money to have a so called "collectors edition" Just like the 99' Mustang GT "collectors edition" or the bullit mustangs, which dont appear to be such a hot seller. The cars made now are not naturally becoming collectors items. hyundai can come out with a special edition Tiburon and make 1000, but you are artificially making the car hard to get. Those old cars earned their price from the future demand.
  11. The noise emanating from a stock Mustang GT is music to my ears. I turn down the radio and roll down the window whenever someone I know is driving and I am the passenger. I heard the Cobra R and the noise is truly intoxicating. I dont think I would ever get tired of that beautiful sound,especially at idle.... Ahhh.... Anyways. I would have to say that those stats are incorrect. The Z06 defeats the Cobra R in every single category. Price CHECK Comfort CHECK Performance CHECK If it were the 2001 Z06 though, I would have to choose the Cobra R. The car kicks some major ***. Its rare and the sound from the exhaust is great. It may not have AC (I will buy a small fan, It may not have a radio but the engine noise is better than any 6 disc changer. The body kit screams toughness. They should put a supercharger in the car and introduce it as a more expensive Cobra R for 02' above the 400bhp Terminator Cobra.. The 2002 Z06 though is to overwhelming in performance to ignore. 0-60: 3.95 That is all I need to hear.
  12. This car is not the same. Cars like the Cobra R, "a collectors item" at only 300 sold has already lost value. Initially selling for over 50,000$$ I have already seen some selling for below that price. The bullit mustang manufactored to be a collectors car has not been the hit it was thought to be. I just dont see the logic behind spending 35,000$$ on a car and holding it for two years, only to see the value go down slightly or even up a 1000$$ dollars. I can get a better return by putting the money in the bank. __________________________ So a musclcar bought for say 5,000$$ is worth over 30,000$$. How much does it cost to upkeep, insurance, etc.... For over 30 years to hold and store a 25,000$$ gain is not that impressive..
  13. I dont really know how you can judge the fact that one person thinks his anniversary edition is worth 40,000$$. The car is not worth that much anyways. Ya, you see in the ad a Mustang GT 97' with 40,000 Miles and the guy is asking 25,000$$. That doesnt mean they are expensive because one person thinks it is. The car is usually more valuable than a regular 98-01 Trans Am WS6 Convertible, but its not exhorbitant. The car might go for a little more, like 27,000$$ or some figure like that. The car is a 35,000$$ MSRP car new.
  14. Its almost always one of those though. What is a car companies flagship that isnt the fastest or most expensive? Ford - Mustang Nissan - New Z Mitsubishi - Eclipse Infiniti - New Q45 Lexus - LS430 or SC430 BMW - M5 Honda - S2000 Chevrolet - Corvette Pontiac - NONE (damn idiots dont want to even acknowledge the trans ams existence)
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