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  1. I like the Panoz better, it's better handling and looks more impressive. I do like that Roto Top of the Qvale though.... BTW, C&D had this a few month back with XKR, Panoz, and a Carrera Cabrio. They put the Panoz 2nd, beats XKR and loses by a fraction to 911. Not a half bad car.
  2. You would also notice that Porsche actually homologate their car first than start racing their race cars.......And Porsche do use the engine based on a stock motor on their racing car, instead of a totally from scratch race motor.....
  3. The Belgium Grand Prix usually offers the most exciting race of the season, mainly due to the variable weather and the challenging circuit. This year it did not dissappoint, although for different reason. After the Qualifying, Williams seems unstoppable, but it wasn't so. The first start was aborted because HHF stalled his Prost, which he miraculusly qualified 4th. The start was delayed 10 mins, follow by the new Formation lap and start. But at the just seconds before the formation lap, Montoya, the pole sitter stalled his car, forcing him to go to the back of the grid. The Start was clean with minor contact between some cars in the back, but nothing happened too dramatically. Ralf got away clean, but Michael soon over took him at the same spot at the end of the straight where Mika overtook him last year. 5 laps into the race, Burti(Prost) and Irvine(Jaguar) tangled at Blanchimont(fast, 190mph left hander) and Burti went straight into the tire barrier. The race was red flagged as they rescue Burti. As it turns out, he was OK, with minor concussion and no broken bones. The race was restarted as a new race, which according to the regulation, the length reset from the original lap number(44), minus 3, and minus the classified lap(5), so the new race distance was 37, and then minus the new formation lap. Again moments before the formation lap, the Williams of Ralf Schumacher stuck on the jack, as one of the mechanic forgot to release him. Which causes him to move to the back of the grid. On the restart, everyone gets away clean and saw Giancarlo Fisichella in his Bennetton jumped from 6th to 2nd. And stayed there for much of the race until he was overtaken by Coulthard near the end. As it turns out, Fisichella amazingly, used the same set of front tire he starts with and ran the whole distance. But it was Michael's day, running free of problem and led the whole race. His 8th of the season, and 52nd of his carrer, eclipsing Prost's 51. Coulthard 2nd, Fisichella scored 3rd for Bennetton, 4th is Hakkinen, 5th is Rubens Barrichello, 6th is Jean Alesi
  4. On the More expensive side, 540i Touring is very handsome, and fast. Cheaper, Impreza WRX wagon is something I would want, and like someone said before, looks better than the Sedan. I also like Protege5, although the review said it's drivetrain is less than sporty, but it does look quite nice.
  5. I think when you use anything new and radical, reliability will suffer. Reliability so far has been the best forte Ferrari has. But sooner or later, the current design has to be changed, and R&D in F-1 can only be proven on the race track during the race season(especially with testing ban and all). So if this is really what they want to do, they will have to do it, but it will be hard for them to keep the championship, especially the constructor crown.
  6. #50 car of Jan Magnussen and David Brabham won Panoz the 2nd race of the season, also the 2nd one in last 3 races. After 2 critical caution flags, Panoz was assured of a confortable lead as the #1 Audi of Tom Kristensen and Rinaldo Capello was trapped in the traffic. Panoz was able to open a 15 sec gap and cruise to finish. #16 Dyson Racing R&S Lincoln of James Weaver and Butch Litzinger was able to get the first podium place of the new MK IIIC. It was the last car remained on the lead lap. In GTS class, the #3 Corvette of Ron Fellows and Johnny O'Connell overcame a loose car in the beginning to take the GTS win again. The team car of Andy Pilgrim and Kelly Collins finished 2nd and Saleen 3rd. In GT, after a upset in qualifying with Porsche out qualified BMW M3 GTRs, in race, it was business as usual and BMW taking top 2 finishes. The lead Porsche had problem with half shaft and retired near the end.
  7. But they don't use that metal to make the block of the engine though. Mainly it's for valve cover, and other parts of the engine to save weight. The regulation requires car's main engine block to be free of exotic matel. Actual structural rigidity of the engine wouldn't be affected by the ban.
  8. But this engine was not the main problem of McLaren MP4/16. When Beryllium was not banned, many team(including Ferrari) was using it. A regulation change like this affects all. McLaren chose to redo the whole chassis from the MP4/15 of 2000. Similar to the step Ferrari is prepared to take now. But the new regulation of testing ban during off season hurt them more than they anticipated. As logic suggest, a brand new chassis ought to use some detailed fine tuning, but McLaren just have not got the time with the testing ban and the limited time they had, resulting a incomplete car. Ferrari's current plan looks sound though. With them not rushing to debut the car in the first 3 fly away rounds, they could make use of the in season testing time. Plus the extra time they get now by wrapping the 2 Championships early.
  9. M3 GTR will not be easy for the Ferrari 360 though. In recent round at Portland, M3 GTR qualified just 1 sec slower than the pole time of the GTS class C5-R Vette. That's with nearly 200bhp less from the Vette.
  10. According to Le Mans & Sports Car racing magazine, one of the current FIA GT NGT class 360 GT will enter in the LM GT class at the Petit Le Mans this October. As most of you know, the 360 has been beating Porsche GT3 RS fairly regularly in the FIA GT Championship, so a participation in ALMS will undoubtedly give them a chance to show their endurance muscle at the 10 hours of Petit Le Mans. They are also looking at a possibility of running a full ALMS season next year. It will also be interesting to see how it fair against the V8 BMW M3 GTR. Other car who might run the Petit Le Mans is the Chrysler LMP, MG EX 257, and Bentley EXP Speed 8.
  11. I knew this had to happen sooner or later, the current F2001 trace it's root back to the 1997 F310. But a radical step is always a risky one, as the MP4/16 McLaren have clearly shown. So hopefully Ferrari can get the car working.
  12. Bought the cam, but everytime the race is on, the cam ran out of batt....I have some pictures of that race, not nearly as much as the ALMS race.
  13. No, I don't think so....I'll try to get a digicam to take some picture.....
  14. Look at this point standing sheet and look at the kinds of cars running there.... http://www.casc.on.ca/files/cgtcc2001points.pdf Ultima GTR/Spyder, Stealth B6C, Porsche GT1 Evo.....man.....
  15. Sweet....now I can't wait, this weekend is gonna be so much better than last year's Molson Indy......Great!
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