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  1. He apparently thought posting it in every forum would compensate for the fact that this site has no traffic.
  2. Are you in the San Diego area? It's been in the mid 70s in LA.
  3. You guys get the wheels sticking entirely out of the wheel wells also? With all the strange plastic tacked on? Gah.
  4. Heh... they were testing it right near my house then...
  5. There was a Ferrari owner here who used to think his 512TR weighed 4000+ pounds... Getting those two weights confused is actually pretty common, from what I've seen.
  6. Pffft, try more like 11 seconds. Maybe the Cavalier Z24 wasn't quite as bad, but I've outrun an acquaintance's POS Cavalier (which he thinks is a race car, because it has 2 doors ) more times to bother counting.
  7. Most stock cars on the road will get wasted by a Mustang GT... The Camaro was the only stock car I can think of priced this side of a Corvette that beats it in straightline acceleration, which is what this was about. Wait... the S2000 might beat it also, although the two are very close.
  8. ??? I'm assuming you meant skidpad and slalom, respectively, right?
  9. Really Blig... anyone that knows anything about cars can read a badge that says "Z28." And knows that if there isn't that badge, well, it's not a Z28.
  10. Erghhh.... Mini. Don't like the new treatment of either. The new Mini is too heavy, and the Beetle... we won't get into that.
  11. I pity the foo who'd spend 45K on a Camaro. That's a Corvette right there.
  12. ^ Ditto. Blig... they're Sunfires. People don't buy them for the 1/4 mile times. What they do buy them for, I don't know... but it's definately not their 1/4 times.
  13. You know, after a certain point performance takes second place to being a good car. The Camaro is ugly, inside and out. I don't care for the build quality at all. I didn't care for it's ride. It's bulky. There are a myriad number of factors that go into a car besides how fast it is. I don't want to put up with a car that rides and looks like a Camaro just so I can brag about an extra second on 0-60 times I'll never even bother to make use of. Ditto what gimpy said... there are a million cars I'd take over a Camaro. Maybe I should put it this way... "My friend has an SS. What can I buy that, while it might be slightly slower, handles better, rides better, looks better, has a better interior, and is all around more fun to drive?"
  14. Yeah, and their production run was what? Seriously dude... get a clue. You have no idea what you're talking about, and it's not even worth it to bother with your kind... ES better handler than an SS... ROFL.
  15. Lol at this guy. If you think an ES300 can outhandle an SS, you're exactly what I think you are: delusional. Your claims of being misquoted are downright silly. Copy and pasted, man. I could go back and repeat myself and show how that really was what you meant (or if you didn't, lacked the communication skills to convey your point properly), but you've shown already that that would be merely pointless. You can try and pretend that the quotes from you wern't really what you meant, but the only person who'll believe you is also the only person here who seems to think an ES300 and an LS400 can outhandle an SS: namely, you. Oh, but I'm sure that's not what you really meant, right? BTW, a troll's response to you would have been more along the lines of "NO YOU STUPED QUEER YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT TEH FUXOR YOUR TALKNIG ABOUT ABECAESE A SS IS FAST AND YOUR **** LEXUSES AIN'T." I'm sure you can see the difference. Also, trolls don't usually last over a year and 1600+ posts, so I again suggest you get your facts straight before bragging about how much you know and telling others how much they supposedly don't.
  16. Okay, I didn't say that a ES300 could hit 60 in 5 seconds flat, but then again I don't think a Z28 can either. Not a Z28, but an SS. Z28 do the 0-60 in around 5.5, I think. Blig could probably give you a more exact number. Still not a number an ES300 could even come CLOSE to approaching. Kurenai, I think you missed the point that most of the cars I listed have straight six twin turbo engines. I dub you Mr. Clueless. The IS, the LS, and the ES don't have turbo engines. The only Toyotas I can think of that do, at least Toyotas available on the American market, are the Supra and the older MR2, neither of which are being produced anymore. The MR2 Turbo was also a four cylinder, not a straight six. Check your facts before you go any further with this, because you're wrong. Watch who you call delusional, I know Toyotas. No, actually you don't. I hate the company, and I can still see you don't know what you're talking about. Check the previous paragraph. You are mis-quoting me. I never said a ES300 could run 0-60 in 5 seconds You said it could run with an F-body. SSes pull a 0-60 in 5 or 4.9, Z28s slightly higher. That would require similar times... Gimpyben, perhaps you too do not realize that most of the cars listed have the same engine as the 93-97 Supra TT. Again, they don't have the same engine. The straight six is the same, although in varying levels of tune, but as I said before, the ES, and IS aren't turboed, and the other vehicles use fours. Also, the LS400 has a different engine, a 4 liter V8, not a 3 liter I6 like the other Lexuses (Lexii?) you mentioned. You have managed to figure out what those numbers tacked on after the letters mean, right? Remember, I hopefully know quite a bit more about Toyotas than you do. Again, anyone who makes as many errors as you do DOESN'T know Toyotas. Bliggida, I personally prefer the older Camaros. Despite the fact that they're much, much slower... As I said before, delusional, with incorrect facts.
  17. Lol... I posted that in the wrong topic. That was supposed to go somewhere else.
  18. And it was only a little over one hour.
  19. Nah, it's never too late for me to respond.
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