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  1. He apparently thought posting it in every forum would compensate for the fact that this site has no traffic.
  2. Are you in the San Diego area? It's been in the mid 70s in LA.
  3. You guys get the wheels sticking entirely out of the wheel wells also? With all the strange plastic tacked on? Gah.
  4. Heh... they were testing it right near my house then...
  5. There was a Ferrari owner here who used to think his 512TR weighed 4000+ pounds... Getting those two weights confused is actually pretty common, from what I've seen.
  6. Pffft, try more like 11 seconds. Maybe the Cavalier Z24 wasn't quite as bad, but I've outrun an acquaintance's POS Cavalier (which he thinks is a race car, because it has 2 doors ) more times to bother counting.
  7. Most stock cars on the road will get wasted by a Mustang GT... The Camaro was the only stock car I can think of priced this side of a Corvette that beats it in straightline acceleration, which is what this was about. Wait... the S2000 might beat it also, although the two are very close.
  8. ??? I'm assuming you meant skidpad and slalom, respectively, right?
  9. Really Blig... anyone that knows anything about cars can read a badge that says "Z28." And knows that if there isn't that badge, well, it's not a Z28.
  10. Erghhh.... Mini. Don't like the new treatment of either. The new Mini is too heavy, and the Beetle... we won't get into that.
  11. I pity the foo who'd spend 45K on a Camaro. That's a Corvette right there.
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