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  1. Ayo playboy, BBJ, i saw Pyatts old Supra in Super Street, they were covering the NOPI Tour, and the sh!t was in it. Anyway, tyler and his bullsh!t Civic are garbage, and he is trying to sell it, he has been for like a year and a half, nobody wants that nonsense, he tried selling the sh!t to me, i just laughed. Dont get me wrong, Honda is bad, but not Civics, i am so tired of seeing those sh!ts around. Its like why spend thousands of dollars doing all this stuff to your Civic just to have everyone say " ohh that looks like the one i saw down the block, and like the on i saw yesterday, " you know ? Anyway. Thats why i am getting something illmatic, something rare. btw, tyler couldnt get a Supra if his life depended on it.
  2. Well, it is going mighty outstanding, considering the fact that i have finally returned to the united states after being gone and out to sea since August 13th. Our three ships pulled into San Diego on the fourth of March, 4 days ago, it was on CNN and on the USA Today, some of you might have caught a glimpse, others may not have. But unlike underway where we only had access to email, now that we are back in port we have net access as well, so for the fist time in about a year, since i was away for boot camp and everything around this time last March, ill be posting on a daily basis. I was surprised at the weather though, its like cold in southern California, whats up with this **** ? Ohh well, i went and got a leather jacket, bacause i got flow like that, but it is good to be back, the forum doesnt look as active as it was when i left. Big months in thr future for me, i HAVE TO have a car out here in California, so in the next couple of months im going to be purchasing something, some thoughts so far have been another MR2, a Golf GTI, or a Subaru SVX, ill just have to wait and see. Over and out.
  3. Fu(k a Escalade, Fu(k a Navigator The almighty X5 is my choice
  4. This is BBJ, I'm just at DYKWFM's house. Persid I already know about the MT track test. Maybe you should read what I said again. Then after that you might want to do it again. A z06 would eat a m3. I stand by my comment.. The test driver was biased as already noted... It's pretty questionable I think, along with others.
  5. I suppose everything is designed off the Modena now-a-days. Actually it looks nothing like the Modena. Neither the lights or the grill resemble one.
  6. you do realize how it could be misunderstood ?
  7. thanks for backing me up kepone.
  8. John if you were posting directly for mecca, he wont see it, his cpu is down, but he'll eventually see it, he checks the board when he visits here. Ill let him know.
  9. I beg to differ that the rx-7 is the easiest to modify into a monster.
  10. Very good poll. They are all really fast cars. * scarcasm gentlemen *
  11. That is a tough question. For me, I would probably say the M5.
  12. i agree totally that it is being done in secret. we'll have to wish, and wait
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