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  1. **** changing the gears; I think your bud screwed up with the auto decision if he wanted to go fast
  2. And it will win in a wavy, zig-zaggy line by a fuckin' mile
  3. It's .99 g for the Viper. That's .02 g difference, an overall increase of just over 2%. Unless you care about numbers, a 2% doesn't improve overall driving feel. As was posted a while back, skidpad numbers lie. When are you ever going to need to drive fast around a tight circle? It's not like you're racing at Langhorne. No. He just prefers Vipers because they're more rare. It's not like he's going to "punish" Chevrolet for making such a popular car by nuking the Bowling Green plant or something to that effect. No. If he likes the look of the car better, he likes the look of the car better and that's that. I think that Dodge Intrepids and Mercury Cougars are drop-dead gorgeous compared to Qvale Mangustas and Ferrari F50s, and which ones do you see more?
  4. I think he means that their ****-banger four-cylinders don't have the torque to climb steep rocks.
  5. What kind of idiot would race off road? Screw up on a medium with that kind of grip, and... well... you're fucked.
  6. No argument here. It's going to be one hell of a storm.
  7. Depends on what track you're talking about. At a venue like Daytona, where brakes are virtually useless and you're running at top speed all around the track, I think our old friend Viper has it. I also believe that it would dominate a road course with an extremely long front straight like Nurburgring or Watkins Glen in which top speeds are easily reached. In both courses, at the end of this straightaway is a tight corner that a Viper can zip around at high speed. Fast-forward a few thousand miles to a more tightly bunched road coarse or even the half-mile oval at Martinsville, and I'd say the Vette has it. I am not implying that Vipers don't handle well around tight corners, which is, in fact, a category where they have an edge. I do, however, believe that Z06 Corvettes accelerate a tough faster, which is essential on short straights where the tall gears of Vipers don't allow as quick of a giddy-up. See? It all depends where you're racing. Hope schmope. I'll shove a watermelon up my dick and broadcast it all over the internet if good ole Viper doesn't thoroughly rip, tear, chew, and slice the schlong off the Z06 after its 2003 redesign. Sources say it is expected to weigh about 300 lbs less and be available for about $60,000. That's a considerable drop in price, bringing it back to its old bang-for-the-buck character. When the C6 debuts, however, look for quite a showdown and for the cars to be pretty much equal. The horsepower wars are back, baby! I'd honestly rather have a Viper for (IMO) its agressive beauty; cleaner, more voluptuous lines, and front fascia that's scary enough to make you piss your trousers. Which is the all-around better car, though? In terms of overall performance, Z06 reigns, if only by a nose in acceleration, price, and everyday comfort and drivability. As previously mentioned, expect a vicious bathroom brawl when Dodge rolls out its faster, lighter, cheaper, and more liveable Viper and Chevy answers the bell with a kick-*** Corvette.
  8. Naw, more like 840-900 lbs.
  9. What? You think the U.S. really cares whether or not the Type R comes? If Honda wanted it here they would have modified it to conform to emission standards.
  10. Other than the rear end, I don't see much of a difference.
  11. So it's easier to chop 20% off of a Lincoln Town Car than a Lotus Elise? I don't follow.
  12. I have absolutely no idea. All I know is that I like it. At first I thought it was too bug-eyed and cutesy, but it's really grown on me. Add an extra set of driving wheels, 100 extra horsepower (turbo maybe?), and a couple inches of ground clearance, and you'd have a kick-*** rally car.
  13. Unexciting. Nothing about it bothers me, but it doesn't exactly knock my socks off and make me want to scream with joy.
  14. That's not true. I prefer domestics most of the time, yes, but I'm not the "import nazi" you make me out to be. I like Skylines, Lotus Esprits, and anything and everything under the name Lamborghini. The calendar next to my computer displays a BMW Z3, the one over my bed a Jaguar XJ220. I don't like BMW, Ferrari, MKIV Supras or Yugo, but that's pretty much the extent of my dislike for imported cars. You're blowing my partial bias way out of proportion, and I don't respect that. I won't try to ****-nail you back, because I have no reason to and I know your buds will hammer me into the ground. I'm just disappointed. If you want to get all pissy with somebody, you'll have to look into another member because, quite honestly, I'm tired, bored, and too young to make enemies. Peace?
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