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  1. **** dude I'll mail you mine to take pictures of those cars!
  2. It's about damn time I say. What do you credit this too Racing Maniac? Might the Audi's just not have hit their setup this weekend? Hard to imagine. Or is there some new development in the LMP-1 that makes it faster?
  3. well consider what its up against JGTC, I don't even know much about those races at all though. Also, you can't watch those races in the US at all, this is in Grand Am (Rolex 24) which means it would be live!
  4. http://www.totalmotorsport.com/WorldNews/s...ory.asp?ID=1162 Daytona next year!! Yes!!! Not to mention the fact that the Listers will be back as well!
  5. thanks, its just my take on the situation in F1 right now.
  6. good points by persid. Also did you notice that Coulthard, Schumi (M), and Montoya ALL retired approx 1 lap after their pit stops and Montoya had problems with the fuel hose. As David Hobbs mentioned perhaps at such high temperatures there can be problems with the fuel? Who knows! Also, regarding BMW engines, if you listened to Ralf in the press conference afterwards he was told that they were "tight on engines" meaning that they could finish the race, but the engine would be near retirement. So Ralf (who all other things aside has been in F1 longer and is then more mature in the sport if only because of his experience) didn't push as hard as he could of and THAT is in my mind the prime reason that he was way off of montoya's pace, because montoya was pushing hard. So then if Ralf wasn't pushing to hard and STILL opening a gap over Michael what theories does this present us with. Since M Schumi retired, maybe he overworked his engine as well which tells me that if he was pushing hard and Ralf wasn't but Ralf was opening a gap, who has the better engine (or chassis/setup for the track for that matter). OR perhaps, Michael is set for another mid-season slump ala2000? Not very probable but possible none the less. After having what like 2 retirements in the past 17 races and to have 2 mechanical problems in 1 race (the start, and the failure), what is this saying? Also, if you remember, last year in the beginning McLarens car was slightly stronger I believe but Ferrari worked and worked and by the end their car was AS good or better than any in the field. And coming into this year I believe that Ferrari had the best chassis out there. However, like last year might a team be working hard on their chassis to make it better? Only this time instead of Ferrari and McLaren, maybe its Williams and Ferrari. So what I'm getting at is maybe the Ferrari isn't the best car out there right now. Also what of Ralf Schumi, he has CERATINLY come into his own this year, and consider that he is 7 years younger than his brother, so if he's on the same tracks his brother took, what was Michael doing 7 years ago? Starting to win more races on the way to his first championship ever. So what am I saying, 2002, in my mind, will be the year of the Williams BMW and Ralf Schumacher and Montoya. Will they have the domination they had in the late 80s and early 90s. It would be nice to see a white and blue car on the podium more often in my mind. God damn, I wrote a book.
  7. Well Williams took a 1-2 in qualifying with montoya on Pole and Schumi all the way down in 4th, should be an interesting race tomorrow. Go Ralf! eh...or montoya for that matter.
  8. there are no talks of Mika Salo being bumped to the test driver?
  9. Yes as I expected there will be no McLaren at Portland http://www.totalmotorsport.com/Championshi...play.asp?ID=544
  10. Yes yesterdays race was at Sears Point, and Audi walked away with it again but Panoz is a little bit stronger. And also yes ALMS will race at Laguna Seca for the 2nd year running. I was very pissed at last years race...very pissed... As for GTPs, expect the Bentley only at the Petit Lemans and maybe the Malaysia event?
  11. lemme check the website... Also the McLaren would probably (have to) compete in GTS in which case it would still be competitive I THINK) Aug 6 8:30 pm (ET), yes its tape delayed:(
  12. Id say you might have to wait till the entry lists are released on www.americanlemans.com which probably won't be for about a wek before the event. I doubt it though, but it would be nice.
  13. Panoz-GTR

    british gp

    Yeah seriously, you said it Lotus, I read a really good column that made that point. If you think about it, whenever Mika was running, he was pretty much running well. Think about spain! He was doing really great but his car let him down. His car has let him down a lot.
  14. Panoz-GTR

    british gp

    damn straight hes not retiring!
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