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  1. burnout

    BMW Motorsport

    Over here BM's are hardly affordable, an M3 is around $140,000 for the E36 so expect $150,000 for the E46, and the M5 is $200,000.
  2. burnout


    yeah I did, they are cool thanks.
  3. burnout

    New Supersportscar

    I think this is just some clever guy fucking around with photoshop, and createing a web page guys. Bits on that car look identical to other cars, Ie cockpit, rear end from the EB110, as was the colour, the bonnet is from an F355 and the lights is the CC. Also if you take a look at the other car on the page called the ACID, take a careful look at the front wheel arch, it is so tight that it would inhibit an lateral movement of the wheel, ie you cant steer the thing. Nice try anyway mate.
  4. No specs yet? You aint gonna get any specs mate, its a race car. Any specs that come out are gonna be false.
  5. burnout

    DTM vs V8 Supercars

    Id like to see some E55 and M5s competing in the V8 supercar class soon. Full factory backed, then we got racing. And Let them catch up to the euro racing, give the V8's full sequential gearbox's ect. About the power thing, its kinda pussy, that these 5litre V8s race cars are making only 120hp/l and still breaking down every now and then.
  6. burnout

    Traction control to be introduced into F1!

    Hey Matt, go Fuck yourself, no offense.
  7. burnout

    Ground Effect Era in F-1, interesting fact......

    Dont listen to a thing Alan Jones has to say, we have him over here for our F1 coverage, and his is just an old fool. He craps on about stuff all the time and is always full of shir.
  8. burnout

    Renault vs Pugeot

    Yes I do my old man used to own a peugot 405, my uncles are both French car nuts, they Own like 4 Citreons and Renaults between them. I drove one of his Xantias and it was the slowest car I have ever been in, I floored it at the lights and this little thing was slower than my landcruiser off the line, I was embarresed to drive it.
  9. burnout

    BMW M5 vs. HSV GTS vs. Merc. E55

    Its probably because of the TWR body kits
  10. burnout

    Traction control to be introduced into F1!

    18 why? (I wasnt being serious, I dont care he posted the same thing as me.)
  11. burnout

    Traction control to be introduced into F1!

    yeah I relised that just after I posted. Ill let this one slide cos neither of us would have seen each others posts.
  12. burnout

    Renault vs Pugeot

    Peugeot is like 100000000000000000000* better than renault, and although the 206 WRC rocks, thats about it for french cars. (excluding Bugattis.)
  13. burnout

    Traction control to be introduced into F1!

    Copy my topic why dont you?
  14. burnout

    Traction Control back in F1

    Get with the program CART, the only reason that they are allowing traction control is that half the cars already run it illegally, and the FIA cant detect it, so they have to make it fare on all teams.
  15. burnout

    Traction Control back in F1

    FIA will give the nod to 'anti-wheelspin' systems Traction control is set to legally return to Formula 1 after a meeting of the F1 Technical Working Group, the teams’ own think tank, voted unanimously for its re-introduction last Thursday. Traction control - which reduces wheelspin by monitoring wheel speed and adjusting engine power if wheelspin is detected - was banned eight years ago as part of the FIA’s campaign to reduce the number of electronically-controlled driver-aids at the highest level of the sport. However, F1 engineers say that the ban is unworkable and that a number of teams have been and are still using forms of traction control since the ban was implemented. The F1 Commission still has to approve the measure at its meeting in Monaco on December 7th, but a source within the FIA, motorsport’s governing body, says this is little more than a formality and that the teams’ wishes will be respected. FIA president Max Mosley is opposed in principle to allowing driver-aids back into F1, believing that the skill of the driver should not be diluted, but according to the source, he will go along with the consensus of the teams. At Thursday’s meeting, a letter from the FIA’s technical delegate Jo Bauer was distributed to the Technical Working Group. In it, Bauer said he was satisfied that at least one team had been using traction control in the period up to and including the 1998 season. Laptimes will remain similar I reckon, maybe some of the lower teams will move up the grid. As for the team that has run traction control up to and including 1998, cough cough mclaren cough.